Author: Alankar Chandra

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Nov 2016. It was my 4th trip to Desert National Park (DNP)in Jaisalmer and my friend’s first. I had already seen the likes of Great Indian Bustard, King Vulture, Cream Courser and desert fox etc in my previous trips. Out of my newly acquired fascination of small cats, I was very keen to see a […]

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Bosnia is a country in Balkan peninsula that was formed in 1992 when Yugoslavia broke down. It has a history of civil wars till 1995, but since then things have stabilized and the economy is picking up. There are talks of Bosnia joining European Union soon. As for us, we were fortunate to be commissioned […]

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Cut to Feb 2016 Just came back from a two week super adventure trip to Iceland. It was the most unplanned trip in true sense with just the checklist of top places to see and no itinerary nor any bookings. We just had a self driven car and depending on weather forecasts (for northern lights) […]

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Cut to September 2014.. This was a trip that adventure movies are made of. September is a time which is not considered best for wildlife – the usual birding season starts from November and the Tiger season had already ended in June. During the monsoons one is not left with too many options. Coorg is […]

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Spotting tigers roaming carefree in the wilderness is a scintillating experience. But one needs to be indeed lucky to spot these elusive felines. Wildlife enthusiasts are often curious to know how to maximize their chances of spotting the big cat. This article is especially dedicated to them. Let us start with a basic principle. If […]

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