Kashmir Kashmir tour



The Kashmir valley in India is known as ‘the Heaven on Earth,’ and it is not even a bit of exaggeration. Encompassed by the snow-clad peaks of the mighty Himalayas, and decorated by ornamental gardens, serene lakes, picturesque valleys, and boasting of unique features like the floating vegetable market on the Dal Lake, Kashmir takes your breath away.


A Kashmir tour is a mouth-watering prospect for all wanderlusts as it has something in its kitty bag to offer to all kinds of tourists. Be it the Tulip festival in Srinagar for the admirers of nature, or the white-water rafting, trekking, camping, or skiing opportunities for the adventure lovers, Kashmir does not disappoint anyone.


If one hasn’t been on a Kashmir tour yet, then his/her tourism jigsaw is missing one of its most beautiful pieces.


“Gir firdaus baru e zameen ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin ast” – Amir Khusrau
(If there is a Paradise on Earth, it is this…it is this…it is this.)


Location: Kashmir Valley, Jammu & Kashmir, India

Nearest Airport: Srinagar airport

How to reach: Srinagar is connected by air with Indian metros

Famous for: Sweeping views of pristine Himalayan valleys and meadows

Best time to visit: April to October


Dal Lake, Nishat Bagh

Shalimar Bagh and Chashm-E-Shahi

Shankaracharya hills





Places to see:

Srinagar: Located on the banks of the Jhelum river in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar is popularly known as ‘Heaven on Earth,’ thanks to its picturesque scenery. This mesmerizing place, as beautiful as a landscape painting on an expert painter’s canvas, is known for its vibrantly-coloured shikaras and houseboats on the famous Dal Lake. On the Dal Lake, one will find the floating vegetable market and the Mir Bahris, a community of people who live on the lake, both popular tourist attractions. Srinagar is also the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir and boasts of some of the most beautiful and splendid Mughal-age gardens of the country. The Nishat Bagh, the Chashm-E-Shahi garden, and the Shalimar Bagh are the most famous among these gardens.


Besides the Dal Lake and its picturesque gardens, Srinagar is also known for its rich Kashmiri cuisine. So, when visiting Srinagar, one should not miss out on the opportunity to taste these delicious dishes rich in fragrant spices.


Gulmarg:Perched 2730 meters above sea level, Gulmarg is a utopia for adventure lovers as well as nature lovers. It is located in the Pir Panjal range in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and is a popular skiing destination. The world’s second-highest Gondola ride is also located in Gulmarg.


Encompassed by the snow-clad peaks of the mighty Himalayas, Gulmarg boasts of sweeping meadows dotted with beautiful flowers, valleys forested with evergreen trees, and deep ravines. Being sparsely populated and breathtakingly beautiful, Gulmarg is a popular honeymoon destination.


Pahalgam:Pahalgam, with its pristine and unfettered natural beauty, is a treat to the eyes and senses. Right from the time of arrival, one is bound to fall head over heels in love with this place characterized by its lush green meadows dotted with small, picturesque homes and its colorful saffron farms, all bound by the sky-high, snow-white peaks of the Himalayas.


If one thought no boating trip could match the beauty of a Shikara-ride on theDal Lake, a fishing trip in the lakes of Pahalgam would prove that he/she is wrong. There is an 18-hole golf course in Pahalgam, playing in which is a truly surreal experience. From Pahalgam, tourists can also set out on scenic treks on one of the many mountains that surround the place.


Sonamarg: Thanks to its mighty glaciers, sweeping snow-laden fields, and picturesque lakes, the town of Sonamarg is one of the highlights of a Kashmir tour. The name of this town, located eighty kilometers North-East of Srinagar and perched at the height of 2800 kilometers above sea level, translates into the ‘Meadow of Gold’ and is not at all an exaggeration given the geographical gems that are strewn in it.


While in Sonamarg, tourists can visit the Nilagrad, which is a Baltic settlement, as beautiful as a picture-postcard. One can also visit the many natural lakes that surround Sonamarg like the Gangabal, the Satsar, the Gadsar, and the Vishansar. The Krishnasar lake is also one of the popular tourist attractions and offers fishing opportunities in its placid waters.


Amarnath: One of the most important pilgrimages in India, Amarnath is a must-feature on any Kashmir tour package.


The Amarnath cave is home to a naturally formed Shivalinga, made out of ice, and also known to be the place where Lord Shiva revealed the secret of eternity and life to Goddess Parvati and holds a place of unparalleled importance in the hearts of the followers of Hinduism. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists, from all over the globe, come to take part in a 48-kilometer-long trek that is famously known as the ‘Amarnath Yatra.’ The trek is not only popular for a religious cause but also because of the scenic, panoramic views that it offers.