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Kodaikanal provides an incredible vacation opportunity. With a relaxing environment, you can rejuvenate yourself from the hustle-bustle of daily life. There are a variety of places to visit in Kodaikanal from religious sites to the adventurous location Kodaikanal has something for everyone. This beautiful place is often referred to as the Princess of Hill Stations because of the attractions it offers to the tourists. This holiday destination is located in the range of Palani hills in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu.

The artifacts which were found in the area of Kodaikanal during the Chera dynasty have shown that the tribal people were the first human dwelling in the Kodaikanal region. The Kannuvar Vellalans emigrated to Kodaikanal in the 14th century, they were one of the famous industrious farmers who did farming with the tribal people.

Kodaikanal is famous for the mixed culture of the colonial region coupled with the traditions of South India. The place is famous for exotic craftsmanship, handloom and leather goods. Kodaikanal is the place that celebrates various festivals like Pongal, Jallikattu, Miladi Sherif, Tea, and Tourism Festival, Mother Salette Festival, Natyanjali Festival, Chithirai Festival, Dance Festival, Summer Festival, Deepawali, etc.


Location: Tamil Nadu

Nearest Airport: Madurai (120 kms)

How to reach: by Road

Famous for: Scenic Beauty, Lakes, Waterfalls and Tea plantations

Best time to visit: October to March


Green Valley View, Kodaikanal Lake, Bear Shola Falls,

Pillar Rocks, Thalaiyar Falls, Coakers Walk,

Dolphins Nose, Berijam Lake, Silver Cascade Falls,

Silent Valley View Point, Pambar Falls


Places of Interest:

Green Valley View: Green Valley View is located 5.5 km from Kodaikanal Lake. The valley provides a stunning view surrounded by plains, deep valleys and hills. This valley is also famous for nearby small shops that provide homemade chocolates, and ornaments o the tourists. The Vaigai Dam looks spectacular from this valley.

Pillar Rock: When one asks for the places to visit in Kodaikanal Pillar Rocks always comes on the top. Pillar Rocks is the viewpoint famous for the granite rocks standing next-to-next in the middle of the dense rainforest. These granite rocks are visually amazing and 400 ft in height from the ground floor. The place is an ideal picnic spot for the tourists and well as locals. There is a beautifully manicured garden near Pillar Rock, where one can find a variety of blooming flowers.

Silent Valley View Point: This viewpoint is located near Pillar Rock at a short distance from Berijam Lake. The view from this valley is always breathtaking one can witness the vast green valley covered in clouds that gives the visitor a wooly look. This place offers a calming and picturesque view to the visitors showcasing the beautiful narrow ravines.

Coaker's walk: Coaker's Walk is considered to be the famous route of Kodaikanal hill station showcasing the beauty of hills. It offers the quiet walk imbued with the beauty of nature. Here one can spend time with the beauty of nature appreciating the beautiful hills and valleys.

Dolphin's Nose: Dolphin's Nose is located above the sea level at over 1,550 meters and 10 km from Coonoor. This is one of the beautiful places to visit in Kodaikanal. The top tip of the viewpoint resembles the nose of the dolphin is the reason that this place is called the Dolphin's Nose. One can witness the unique ravines both from left and right from this place.

Kodaikanal Lake: The star-shaped lake is surrounded by Palani Hills. The lake is located 2285 meters above sea level. This lake is famous for offering an awe-inspiring view to the visitors because of its mesmerizing beauty. The lake was constructed by Sir Vere Henry Levinge.

Berijam Lake: Berijam Lake is also known as the natural freshwater lake. Since 1990 this lake is considered to be one of the prominent tourist spots in Kodaikanal. This lake offers a spectacular refreshing scenic beauty to the nature lover and also acts as a refuge for many wildlife species.

Bear Shola Falls: Bear Shola Falls is a seasonal waterfall that provides an astonishing view during the monsoon season. Bear Shola Falls is a seasonal waterfall that provides an astonishing view during the monsoon season. This waterfall is a part of the Prappar River. The surrounding of this waterfall offers the areas surrounded by dense forests offering the picturesque backdrop to the cascades.

Thalaiyar Falls: Thalaiyar Falls also known as Rat Tail Falls is surrounded by the famous slopes of Palani Hills in Dindigul district. Thalaiyar Falls is the tallest waterfall in South India with a height of 297 feet. There is a Du, Dum Rock park near the Thalaiyar Falls from where the visitors can enjoy the spectacular view of the falls.

Silver Cascade Falls: You will see a beautiful Silver Cascade Falls in between before you reach Kodaikanal. This waterfall was formed by the excess water of Kodai lake. This waterfall offers a fun and relaxing view.

Pambar Fall: Pambar Fall is a majestic fall located 4km from the Kodaikanal viewpoint. The Pambar Fall flows through a stretch of rock formation. This waterfall is rich in flora and fauna surrounded by butterflies and other beautiful creatures. There is a tub like a view at the end of the sight offering the boating opportunity to the visitors.

Vattakanal Falls: Vattakanal Falls is surrounded by hills and trees. There is a bridge for clicking pictures in the vicinity of the fall. One can also take a walk around the nearby attractions of this bridge to look closely at nature and its variety of elements.

Dolmen Circle: Dolmen Circle comes on the top list of places to visit in Kodaikanal; this place revives all the prehistoric fossils from 5000 BC. It is situated near Parvatha Vihar and the village of Pannikadu. Various ancient brass and copper ornaments are found in this place.

Where to Stay:

Kodaikanal is a famous tourist destination accommodating a large number of tourists every year from different parts of India. Apart from offering the visitors to stay with the beauty of nature for a few days. This tourist destination is also famous for providing the tourist the best place to stay. To make the list not complicated we have sorted the finest hotels for you which are listed below:

The Tamara Kodai: The Tamara Kodai is located high in the Kodaikanal hills. This hotel offers a luxurious and picturesque experience for visitors. This hotel is surrounded above the sea level about 2000 meters high.

The Carlton Kodaikanal: The Carlton Kodaikanal is the 5-star hotel in Kodaikanal. The beautiful and ravishing design and the finest services offered by this hotel make it one of the favorite hotels among many.

Great Trails Kodaikanal by GRT Hotels: Great Trails Kodaikanal by GRT Hotels is located in the peaceful and quietest areas of Kodaikanal. This hotel offers the tourists an opportunity to immerse themselves in a peaceful paradise and disappears in the mystery of awe-inspiring views.

Kodai Resort Hotel: Kodai Resort Hotel is a luxury resort offering a variety of cottages to the tourists at affordable prices with unparalleled luxury and comfort and this hotel is located within walking distance from Coakers Walk and various lakes.

Sterling Kodai Lake: Sterling Kodai Lake offers the tourists with the beautiful cottage and has well-established rooms. It also offers the tourist an opportunity to take part in various morning activities to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Sterling Kodai Valley: Sterling Kodai Valley has a unique architecture like a ship-shaped hotel, a leaf-shaped lodging block, a lotus-shaped business block, and several domed shape spaces. This hotel is known for its unique design and the best services it offers.