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Lahaul Spiti Valley is a paradise offering a heavenly and engrossing view filled with the ultimate beauty of nature. Located in Himachal Pradesh, Spiti Valley is popularly known as Little Tibet. If you’re planning to take a trip to this gorgeous place, you may have the privilege of strolling through the cold, rugged, and barren desert, which is an ultimate blend of serenity and elegance. Furthermore, it sits amid ravines and gorges that will leave you feeling awestruck. The picturesque landscape of Spiti Valley is not the only alluring element of this destination. It has a few of the most gorgeous and magnificent attractions, starting with scenic hamlets, vivid monasteries, barbarous and snow-laden mountains, lush and dense forests, and pristinely divine lakes that give this place a truly soothing vibe. From the calming Dhankar and Chandratal lakes to the breathtaking Kunzum and Baralacha passes this place will leave you amazed every minute. We’ve curated a list of the top-notch and aesthetically pleasing attractions in the Spiti Valley.


Location: Lahaul & Spiti District, Himachal Pradesh, India

Nearest Airport: Bhuntar airport

How to reach: 5 hours from Bhuntar airport

Famous for: Rugged Himalayas at their best

Best time to visit: May to Oct


Key Monastery, Tabo Monastery, Kibber

Chandratal lake, Surajtal lake, Kunzum Pass

Baralacha Pass, Keylong, Nako Lake

Dhankar Monastery, Sarchi, Losar


Spiti Valley never ceases to surprise you with its sunny and calming setting. Along with magnificent mountains, exquisite vegetation, rugged desert, mellow greens, smoothly flowing and humming rivers, snow-covered glacier passes, and atmospheric hues, the pleasant destination offers vibrantly beautiful Buddhist monasteries that will give you a sense of nirvana. The Spiti terrain is firm and varied. The clear skies and environmentally friendly elements give you the benefit of viewing the bare and incomparable charm of admiring the Milky Way at night.


Saunter through the destination and get the euphoric and alleviating essence of the traditional Tibetan culture. From hiking to mountain biking and motorcycling, do as you please and wander through the serene roads of the Himalayan range to lose yourself in the charm and tranquility of nature.


Places of Interest:

Key Monastery: It is obvious that Himachal Pradesh is the exquisite hub of a myriad of monasteries, one of them being the Key Monastery. Along with being the oldest and biggest monastery, this spot is an ideal attraction for tourists. The soothing monastery is situated amid admirable valleys and panoramic mountains. Stroll through the monastery and make sure to capture never-ending memories.

Chandratal Lake: The extensive Chandratal Lake is perched at a comprehensive altitude of 4200 m above sea level. One must visit this ethereal spot to see for themselves what it has to offer. The lake is an unparalleled combination of hues and charm. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want to miss the breathtaking view of the lake, encircled by vibrant wildflowers and gigantic and mesmerizing mountains.

Suraj Tal: Suraj Tal is recognized as the 21st-highest lake globally and the first-highest lake in India. The serene water body lies in a mix of magnificently gigantic mountains, ethereal valleys, and an explicit atmosphere. Several people come to this destination to wash off their sins. It is believed that you can become pure by taking a dip in the sterile jade waters of the lake. Nonetheless, regardless of your spiritual beliefs, this place is a must-visit.

Tabo Monastery: Tabo Monastery is a divine attraction in the Spiti Valley. It was primarily established decades ago. In a nutshell, this temple distinguishes the cultural and historic vitality of the place. It is furthermore surrounded by barbarous, bare mountains, along with barren deserts. The soothing vibe of this temple will leave everyone feeling calm and relaxed. This place is a hotspot for tourists who are intrigued by Spiti Valley’s history.

Kunzum Pass: The ethereal spot, Kunzum Pass, is a mystery in paradise. Along with being one of the most underrated yet fascinating places in the Spiti Valley, this attraction is the direct passage to get to the captivating Spiti through Kullu and Lahaul. Remove your cameras and make sure to capture the gazing atmospheric view, chiefly filled with hues. Lose yourself amid this heavenly and dreamy attraction, the ray encountering a blissful experience.

Kaza: Kaza is situated on the outskirts of Himachal Pradesh. It is a place filled with utopia and tranquility. The soothing destination is entirely covered with gigantic and magnificent snow-filled mountains. Furthermore, it is surrounded by divine and pristine rivers, glossy and vibrant streams, and a panoramic landscape. The destination looks like absolute bliss; you will have the experience of living on cloud 9.

Kibber: Kibber is another destination that has a smooth blend of charm and delicacy. Beautiful is an underrated word to describe this spot. Amid nowhere lies Kibber, surrounded by a mellow and vibrant atmosphere, barbaric mountains, clear skies, diversified wildflowers, and an exclusively environment-friendly ecosystem. Gaze through this wondrous land and capture a myriad of pictures, thereby taking several beautiful memories with you.

Tabo: Tabo is located on Spiti Valley’s banks. It is a small yet elegant town in the districts of Himachal Pradesh, Lahaul, and Spiti. It is surrounded by snow-capped Himalayan peaks and screw scopes and has a heaven-like vibe that will leave you feeling calm and relaxed. Along with its serene beauty, this place showcases the rich culture and heritage of Himachal Pradesh. Stroll through this town to encounter the traditional lifestyle of the locals.

Nako Lake: A small yet divine reservoir, Nako Lake is extensively isolated. Today, it has gained peak popularity for its picturesque landscape and exquisite setting. It is situated amid the mystical Himalayas and is a vital hotspot for every nature lover. The lake is encompassed by countless trees and greenery, along with gigantic and barbarous mountains.

Dhankar Monastery: Dhankar Monastery is popularly known for its exceptional historic heritage. Not only is it a symbol of aloha to the mindful and spiritual Buddhist community’s beliefs, but it is also a destination of peace and tranquility. Take the exhausted Lahaul and Spiti Tour to get to this spot and encounter the most mind-relaxing and Nirvana-like experience.