A destination filled with lush greenery and terrific landscapes. Munnar is a place that is surrounded by hills and crowded with the most exquisite flora and fauna. The hill station is a serene respite for people in search of a break. The beautiful flaring Munnar Tea gardens that adorn the hills provide a relaxing aroma and atmosphere. A prime tourist spot in God's Own Country, Munnar is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

One can find traces of British as well as Muthuvan culture amidst the people of Munnar, along with the age-old culture of Kerala. With the most prominent festival celebrated here being Onam, the harvest festival that lasts 10 days, one can see the depth of culture of Kerala in the people. They live with simplicity and elegance that seems to be ingrained in the people of Kerala.


Location: Kerala

Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport

How to reach: by road

Famous for: Tea Plantations, Lakes and Waterfalls

Best time to visit: October to March


Tea Museum,Tea Gardens,CSI Christ Church

Mattupetty lake and dam,Eravikulam National Park,Anamudi Peak

Attukad Waterfalls

Mount Carmel Church


Places of Interest:

Tea Museum: Learn about how the aromatic and soothing tea leaves reach your home at the Tea Museum. The tea plantations in Kerala are centuries old and deservedly have a museum dedicated to the practice. One can get the experience of plucking the tea leaves and watch how they are packaged to reach homes of thousands of tea-lovers.

Tea Gardens: Munnar Tea Gardenssprawl all through the hills and are one of the primary sources of income for the people of Munnar for years. You can walk through the tea gardens, interact with the tea planters, and get an insight into the lives of the people who diligently work in the Munnar Tea gardens.

CSI Christ Church: One of the oldest churches in Munnar, CSI Christ Church is filled with the history of the place. One can visit the century-old church to learn more about the hill station and how it became a hub for tea plantations with the contribution of tea planters that are commemorated at the church.

Mattupetty Lake and Dam: Mattupetty Lake and Dam is not far from the hill station. It is a grand structure that is responsible for electricity generation in the area. The lake is surrounded by thick forests and if time favors, one can even spot elephants roaming around the area.

Eravikulam National Park: Enjoy the wildlife of southern Asia at Eravikulam National Park. The beautiful forest is a UNESCO World Heritage and home to Nilgiri Tahrs. Go on excursions or game viewing through the park to catch the sight of wildlife such as tigers, leopards, Nilgiri langur, Golden jackals, and many more.

Anamudi Peak: Amidst the greenery of Eravikulam National Park lies the tall and imposing Anamudi Peak, the highest peak in South India. Also known as the Everest of the South, one can trek through the mountain as they try to catch the sight of the various wildlife that resides there. Various species of birds flock the forest that covers the mountains and can be caught on camera with luck.

Attukad Waterfalls: The white misty water that falls from the rocky mountains in the Idukki region is a dazzling sight. Attukad Waterfalls are hidden in the forests and are a treasure to behold. The guests can take on the trekking through the rocky terrain and enjoy the panoramic view that is stretched before the eyes. The place offers a wonderful view of the forest which attracts photographers from around the world.

Mount Carmel Church: The Mount Carmel Church does not only offer an astounding sight of beautiful and intricate architecture. The place is famous for being a major part of the famous movie Life of Pi, after which the church became famous as Life of Pi Church. Visit the beautiful church to get some peace of mind and gape at the ancient architecture of the building.

Nearby Attractions:

Chinnakanai and Anayirangal: The village of Chinnakanai is adorned with scenic waterfalls and some of the best resorts in the region. The wonderful Chinnakanal Waterfalls and its thunderous roar is a sight that should not be missed during the Munnar tour.

Near the village of Chinnakanai lies the panoramic Anayirangal Dam. The serene blue water of the lake offers a wonderful experience of boating in the evening hours as the sun sets below the horizon of the western ghats.

Periyar: Not far from Munnar lies another gift of nature that is Periyar. The place is filled with lush greenery and adorned with various species of wildlife. One can experience the adventurous jungle safari through the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. The place also offers a great variety of cuisine and the authentic taste of Kerala.

Thattekad: Thattekad is a heaven for bird enthusiasts. The Thattekad Bird Sanctuary is abode to hundreds of species of endemic and migratory birds. One can enjoy the experience of camping under the bare sky and go on trekking in search of exquisite birds that flock the area. Find yourself in the lap of nature as your cruise through the River Periyar that flows through the forests of the area.

Other Attractions:

Neelakurinji Blooms: The famous Neelakurinji Blooms are flowers that bloom every 12 years. The flowers attract thousands of guests every year to witness the strange phenomenon that surrounds them. These are the highlights of any Munnar tour. The Neelakurinji blooms last bloomed in 2018, so the next year they are going to bloom again will be 2030. These are blue colored flowers that are a wonder of nature. The best time to visit Munnar to glimpse at the beauty of these flowers is from August to October.

Where to Stay:

The hill station of Munnar provides an astounding view anywhere you look. With greenery spread like a blanket everywhere and tea plantations that fill the area with a soothing aroma, Munnar is a heaven on earth. There are various resorts and hotels in the rare one you can opt from which provide the best facilities for you to enjoy your Munnar tour the most.

SpiceTree Munnar: The SpiceTree Spa believes in the healing power of nature and provides an ambiance and atmosphere that makes one feel that they have landed right in the arms of Mother Nature herself.

Fragrant Nature Munnar: With a scenic view from the windows of the rooms, providing the experience of waking up to the view of misty mountains. Fragrant Nature provides for all the needs and wants of its guests. They also offer Munnar honeymoon packages.

Parakkat Nature Hotels and Resorts: Experience the perfect amalgamation of nature and modern architecture at Parakkat Nature hotel. The place offers spacious rooms and dazzling views along with the best hospitality.

The Panorama Gateway Munnar: Heated swimming pools and relaxing spas, along with the easy reach to nature and its wonders, The Panoramic Getaway is one of the best places to stay while at Munnar.