Poas Volcano

Poas Volcano


The Poas Volcano, which is in Costa Rica’s middle, is breathtaking. Since active volcanoes are one of the most remarkable aspects of Costa Rica’s geological makeup, Poas is a famous place there. Taking the Poas Volcano tour in the national park is worthwhile if you’ve never seen a volcano.


The Poas Volcano has two craters, one of which is inert and the other of which is quite volatile, covering a total land area of 65 km2. The Botos Lake, hiking routes that allow you to explore the tropical rainforest-upland and the breathtaking cloud forest, as well as some of the most unusual fauna in the world, including hummingbirds, flycatchers, coyotes, and much more, are just a few of the most amazing natural features you will encounter.


The Poas Volcano practically has the appearance of a distant planet, what with the harsh, rocky ground and the dreary tone of the lake. You may learn more about the geology of these breathtaking natural treasures by taking a Poas Volcano tour!


Location: North-Central Costa Rica

Area: 65 km²

Nearest Airport: San Jose Airport

How to reach: 1 hour by road (to base) from San Jose airport

Famous for: Volcano

Months Open: All year

Best time to visit: October to May


Poas Volcano

Botos Lake

La Paz Waterfall Garden

Territorio De Zaguates

Barva Volcano

Laguna Hule, Von Frantzius Cone

Wildlife like Coyotes, Poas Squirrel, the Nine-banded Armadillo, Jungle Soterrerey


Hiking Trails in Poas Volcano National Park

You must hike through the National Park to reach Poas Volcano Lodge’s main crater. From the parking lot to the tourist center and then to the main crater, it takes 15 minutes to walk. Since the summit is around 8000 feet above sea level, you shouldn’t be concerned if you get out of breath. You will be more likely to acquire a sunburn because the air is thinner; therefore, be sure to use enough sunscreen to shield your skin against sunburns.

There are stairs on the slightly higher trail that leads from the Poas Center to the inactive Botos lake. You’ll be at the lake in about 30 minutes. Along the lake, you may see lovely wildlife and take in the varied splendor of many plants and animals.

Explore the beauty of La Paz Waterfall Garden

From the Poas Volcano Lodge, a 25-minute drive will bring you to the breathtaking La Paz Waterfall Garden. It is a very small park with some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful waterfalls and a lot of wildlife.

You can feel both the gentle and unbridled strength of nature at the magnificent La Paz Waterfalls, which are surrounded by flowers, vibrant birds, and a thick jungle. Beginning at the welcome center where you see the hummingbird garden, the waterfall paths meander down the La Paz River. In this garden, you may witness 24 colorful species of hummingbirds.

You can easily feed all the nature species by installing feeders throughout the entire area. The Orchid Garden and the Frog Pond, where you can observe green leaf frogs and poison dart frogs, would be your next stop on the Poas Volcano Tour. There is a Serpentarium at the park as well, which houses about thirty different kinds of snakes. A butterfly observatory and a trout lake, where you may fish and watch several fish species, are additional attractions.

The natural beauty of Poas Volcano

You will enjoy beautiful views as you go to the Poas Volcano National Park, whether you are traveling from your Poas Volcano hotel or Poas lodge. The Poas Volcano is home to breathtakingly stunning natural volcanoes and jungles. The Poas Volcano’s magnificence will astound you because it is home to numerous species of birds, including the clay-colored robin, resplendent quetzal, various hummingbirds, toucans, and tanagers.

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