Maldives Dhoni Cruise


Dhoni or Dhoani is a traditional sailboat used in Maldives, that serves multiple purposes. Earlier they used to move with lateen sails, but now most are operated with a motor. Dhoni cruise is one of the best ways of cruising Maldives and experiencing the beautiful island country. This is a 9 day adventure on which the guests travel in small groups – up to the furthest reaches of 16 guests. There is enough time for both relaxing and snorkeling, apart from the usual sightseeing. The modern day Dhoni cruise-boats are comfortable enough with all basic amenities in place. The Dhoni cruise is the best way to see many islands of Maldives in a single trip, usually in a hotel based itinerary you are stuck in a hotel and that particular island for a few days.


This cruise ventures delicately from Male through the South Male Atoll, Felidhoo, and Meemu. The cruise stops on multiple islands that the guests can visit, some completely uninhabited, others with a few hundred or a few thousand people. You can snorkel every day if you wish, the water is warm and clear, and under the surface, there are chances of spotting turtles, comic fish, and other excellent reef fishes. There are chances of seeing the manta rays as well. The tour shall prove to be absolutely worth it in all the aspects.

Trip Highlights
  • Explore Male
  • Cruise through the beautiful islands of Maldives
  • Get to know the local culture
  • Attend the traditional Boduberu performance
  • Spot the Spinner Dolphins
  • Swim and snorkel in coral reefs
  • Eat delicious food
  • Learn about the local occupations
  • Enjoy a barbeque on an island

Day 1

Guests Join the tour in Male

The trip starts from Male and all the guests spend their night here.


Since the island's framework is slightly more than 5 kilometers, it is not hard to explore it by strolling. As a glaring difference to the laid-back islands of the archipelago, Male is a hub of activities. The leader gives the initial plan of the tour to those arriving on time in the hotel gathering at 4 pm and takes them on a walk in the town, starting from the Mosque, to the fish grandstand, and strolling around the water's edge to watch the boats go to and fro. You must arrive at the hotel at 4 pm to take this orientation tour.


Note, if you are booking your flight, you must keep at least one hour in hand to clear the airport and reach the hotel so they can be on time. In case you miss the meeting, the leader leaves the meeting time for the next day and any important information that may concern you.

Day 2

Explore the Kuda Anbaraa Island

The day starts with a walk around the waterfront so you can see dhoni and meet the crew for making cruising Maldives comfortable. You can get your breakfast in the boat while the cruise moves towards the south for a couple of hours, crossing the Vaadhoo Canal toward the South Male Atoll - a tinier and more quiet neighbor to the more developed North Male Atoll. The islands here have a clear shimmering turquoise color water and reefs. Some only serve the purpose of vegetation, while some only have white sand.


The cruise then heads further south to Vaavu Atoll, where you will get a chance to explore the charming islands of Kudiboli and Kuda Anbaraa.


A general recommendation for those taking the Maldives tour package is to bring comfortable footwear; most people find flip flops comfortable because they can take it on and off in a jiffy, and they make walking on the sand easier.


You can spend your afternoon either relaxing on the board, or snorkeling. Throughout the week, the fauna you are likely to see, includes green turtles, reef sharks, manta rays, small stingrays, and eagle rays. The guests can swim on each stop among a rainbow of colorful small fishes, including the Clown Fish.


Today, and consistently, the cook of the cruise will serve tea and freshly-baked cake during the afternoon. Menus are presumably going to consolidate fresh fish, curries, and pasta. You will need to purchase alcohol or soft drinks but, drinking water and tea are speedily available.


There is enough room in the cabin for two people and their luggage. However, many guests prefer to sleep under the stars on deck.

Day 3

Snorkeling in Meemu Atoll

The cruise today sails further south for a few hours, crossing the Meemu Atoll. It is home to maybe the longest stretch of the reef in the Maldives. On cruising Maldives, you may spot spinner dolphins that often jump and swim near the boat.


Meemu Atoll has 34 islands in total, and nobody lives in 25 of them. The rest of the islands that have inhabitants give the guests the picture of Maldivian life since the major occupations are fishing and growing yarn.


Not long after entering the atoll, the cruise arrives at Fenboa Finolhu - another dazzling island with no residents; you will spend the night here. You will have ample time to enjoy the white-sand beach and to swim on the reef. Around the time of the evening, you can expect a barbecue coastline feast in a beguiling spot on the island under this Maldives tour package, laid on by the dhoni's crew.

Day 4

Boduberu Performance    

After an easygoing start, the tour heads east to Dhiggaru island, another island with no inhabitants. During the late afternoon, the voyage goes towards the island that has inhabitants to allow you and other guests to meet the locals.


The island has its own culture that may strike you. You must dress properly and put off your footwear before entering a house or a mosque since very few guests cruising Maldives visit it, we must be respectful towards them. You and the other guests shall get an invitation to attend the performance of the traditional folk music Bodu Beru by the inhabitants during the evening.

Day 5

Visit the village of Felidhoo

The cruise heads back to Felidhoo Atoll and the center Felidhoo. Among the country's other administrative centers, its population is the minimum with about 400 people. You will get a chance to visit the village and attend the Boduberu performance again.

Day 6

Visit Hulhidhoo Island

By now, you are going to feel thoroughly free, as the acts of reading, sunbathing, and napping and swimming between the island spots will become a routine for you.


With an unassumingly remarkable name to the previous day's visit, the current trip breaks with a visit to Fulidhoo Island. You will meet the locals again and get a prominent look inside their lives in this tropical paradise. After a further visit to the island of Hulhidhoo, the cruise remains by a tremendous reef, where you can snorkel.

Day 7

Snorkeling at Embudhoo Reef

The last day of cruising Maldives is about returning to Male. You will get the chance to snorkel the final time on the trip before getting a charge out of a farewell dinner.

Day 8

The Tour Ends

The trip completes after breakfast on dhoni in Male. There are no activities for today, so you can leave Male whenever they want. In case you depart later today, storerooms on dhoni will be open. Also, you can get a complimentary drop off to the Male International Airport today.

Places You Will Visit