Mumbai Extension Tour


Being the biggest cosmopolitan city in India, Mumbai attracts a lot of travelers across the world. Most of the travelers are attracted by the city’s attitude and incomparable spirit. There are plentiful places to visit in Mumbai. Mumbai sightseeing offers a charming experience which includes the Elephanta caves excursion and street food walking tour. The city is a mix of many people including hard-laborers, gangsters, fisherfolks, and even millionaires. Mumbai is one of the most densely populated cities in the world with Asia’s biggest slum as well as the world’s most expensive house. It also has India’s most famous film industry. The list of things to do in Mumbai sightseeing goes endless. The nightlife of Mumbai will provide you with an unparalleled experience for sure. When you are out in Mumbai, you choose from a surplus of possibilities to entertain yourself. Indeed, it is true that Mumbai never sleeps and won’t let you do the same.

Trip Highlights
  • Explore the beautiful rock cuts of Elephanta Caves.
  • Spend a day at the street food walking in Mumbai.
  • Visit the iconic gateway of India
  • Take a sea-side ride through marine drive

Day 1

Arrival at Mumbai

Mumbai, earlier known as Bombay is a city of heterogeneous dreamers and a confluence of varied cultural currents and cross-currents that have made Mumbai India's financial powerhouse, fashion statement, and the throbbing point of religious tension. Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra State lies in the southwestern part of India and occupies a peninsular site originally composed of seven islets lying off the KONKAN COAST of western India. Mumbai is packed with countless options to keep you engaged. So, take enough rest and prepare yourself for exploring the biggest city in India, the next day.

Overnight at Mumbai.

elephanta caves in elephanta island, mumbai, maharashtra

Day 2


After having breakfast, you will visit the most ironic monument of India, Gateway of India. The monument was built as a ceremonial arch to memorialize the visit of King George V and Queen Mary. When the Raj rule ceased in 1947, this colonial symbol also became a kind of epitaph. Today this symbol of colonialism has got Indianised. Behind the arch, steps are leading down to the water. Here, you can enjoy a boat cruise.


Next is Mumbai's splendid natural harbor, Marine Drive. One of the best ways to explore Mumbai is by exploring the beautiful views of Marine Drive. Marine Drive was formerly called the queen's Necklace, strung with glittering street lights like an enormous strand of imperious jewels.


Then you will spend your time visiting Queen Victoria Terminus. There you get the chance to capture the stunning beauty of the station in the "Fort Area" of Mumbai in your cameras. The station is referred to as VT station, it was declared as a 'World Heritage Site' by UNESCO in 2004 and the song of the famous movie “Slumdog Millionaire " was shot here on these platforms.


You will explore the Dhobi Ghat, a unique place in Mumbai where you can find a group of dhobis, traditional laundrymen, who will collect your dirty clothes, wash it, and return it neatly pressed to your doorstep. The most famous of these Dhobi Ghats include Saat Rasta near Mahalaxmi Station where more than 200 hundred dhobis and their families toil together.


Next, you will visit the Prince of Wales Museum which is not too far from the Gateway of India. It has a valuable collection of art, sculpture, china, and other antics. This Victorian Gothic style building was built in 1904 with beautiful gardens surrounding it, is a must-visit place in Mumbai.


Mani Bhawan (Gandhi Museum) is a museum where Mahatma Gandhi lived during his visits to Mumbai between 1917 and 1934. Gandhi's room and belongings including his books are available for visitors to see. Mani Bhavan is situated on Laburnum Road, near the August Kranti Maidan, where the 'Quit India' movement originated in 1942. You can spend the evening enjoying a walk on the Chowpatty beach.

Overnight will be in Mumbai.

blue sky over gateway of india in mumbai, maharashtra

Day 3


After breakfast, you will pay a visit to one of the main highlights of the Mumbai sightseeing, the Elephanta Caves excursion. The northeast of the Gateway of India in Mumbai Harbour, the rock-cut temples on Gharapuri, better known as Elephanta Island, is a Unesco World Heritage Site. They were formed between AD 450 and 750, the labyrinth of cave temples representing some of India’s most impressive temple carving. The Shiva dedicated temple is a latticework of courtyards, halls, pillars, and shrines. The magnum opus is a 6m tall statue of Sadhashiva, depicting a three-faced Shiva as the destroyer, creator and preserver of the universe. The caves got its name 'Elephanta' because the Portuguese dubbed the island as they saw a large stone elephant near the shore.


In the afternoon enjoy the Kebab, Curry Walk Tour (Street Food tour). The Mumbai Street Food, Mohammad Ali Road, and the Bohri Mohalla have created a symbol of non-vegetarian street food in Mumbai streets. The dishes include Skewered Kebabs, spicy curries, and colorful sweets which dot these areas aplenty. A hangout through Bohri Mohalla introduces you to quintessential Bohri delicacies such as the 12 pot curry, sherbets, Chana Batata, Boti Kebab, Seekh Kebab stalls that line up, attracting hungry revelers.


Another stop is at Taj Ice Cream, an ice cream parlor that has been churning handmade ice cream for over a century. Enter the famous hole in the wall restaurant that most Mumbaikars swear by Noor Mohammadi. Here, have a tryst with Bollywood and try the 'Chicken Sanju Baba', a dish named after the Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt. Finally, the last stop would be Minara Masjid, which is a sweet lover’s dream come true. Colorful and flavourful barfis, delectable firnis to a classic called aflatoon, Minara has it all. The evening will be free for shopping.

Overnight will be in Mumbai.

mesmerizing view at sunset from nariman point of marine drive in mumbai, maharashtra

Day 4

Mumbai to Back Home

You can take your flight back home or to the next destination.