Sri Lanka Wildlife & Culture


Sri Lanka, popularly called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean is an ethereal island country comprising ancient cities filled with cobblestone streets, breathtaking coastlines, distinguished flora and fauna, fascinating cuisine, magnificent mountains, and exquisite culture. Every city in this country offers a pleasant-scented charisma and is filled with delightful and Tumblr attractions. This tour gives you the ultimate experience of encountering the culture and lifestyle of Sri Lanka. Enjoy countless attractions starting from a vast range of wildlife creatures like sloth bears and leopards in Sri Lanka, along with the picturesque spots.


Stroll through the scenic cities of Sri Lanka where wafts of delicious pastry cakes mingle with a faint and soothing scent lingering in the atmosphere blended with the aesthetically pleasing cafes. Go sightseeing in the heavenly Little Adams Peak and the summit of Sigiriya. Furthermore, explore the distinctive yet compelling essence and aura of the village life that is filled with several naturalistic walkways. Discover other beautiful and gripping attractions like the King Coconut, dense hills, and the flourishing tea plantations while a friendly guide gives you insights into the charm of this place.


This exquisite tour is filled with a myriad of adventures. So, sit tight while we take you through a never-ending escapade filled with fun and excitement.

Trip Highlights
  • The 14 day Sri Lanka tour comprises a wide range of adventures for encountering picturesque landscapes.
  • Admire the dense forests of Sri Lanka and stumble across the magnificent leopards and other wildlife creatures.
  • You can choose to visit attractions from a vast range of options starting from the historic city, Galle, the Royal Gardens, the magnificent hill station of Ella, and much more.
  • This is a customized trip for you and your group. So you can request us to increase or decrease the number of days as per your requirements.
  • If you have some target species in mind, reach out to us and we will make a customized plan for that. You need to be reasonably fit as there is some walking involved.
  • Live in a few of the most aesthetically-pleasing accommodation sites that offer soothing views and ultimate luxuries.

Day 1

Arrival at Negombo lagoon

On the first day of the tour, we move from the airport to a beautiful accommodation located at the edge of the Negombo lagoon. Admire the picturesque view and the delicacy of nature and the overall setting. As this is just the beginning of the tour, take the day to rest in a soothing environment after a long and tiring journey. Stroll through the accommodation and click fancy pictures with your loved ones to take away a few of the most beautiful memories from the trip. For your benefit, study more about this place to understand how the beauty of this place initially originated.

Get a good-night beauty sleep for encountering a pleasant day ahead.

group of spotted deer at wilpattu national park, sri lanka

Day 2

Wilpattu National Park

As the sun rises, we head to the cruise for an early morning lagoon tour. Watch the sunrise and celebrate the gorgeous views that this place has to offer. Explore the digging fleet. You may also encounter an abundant bunch of birds of a myriad of species. Keep an eye out for these birds to start your morning refreshingly. We stop the cruise amid the blues to enjoy the most engrossing and pleasant tropical fruit. Explorers can also stroll through the famous sigh market. Lastly, we travel to gorgeous attractions starting from the beaten track Wilpattu National Park, thereby coming across the local wildlife of Sri Lanka- sloth bears, elephants, and leopards. We then end the day by reaching our accommodation for a night of beauty sleep.

Day 3

Safari at Wilpattu

Guests aiming to start Day 3 early can avail the morning safari that includes an ultimate and locale safari around your location. We then drive to Habarana. We may stumble across the exquisite Ritigala archaeological site which is an engrossing site with a blend of nature and history. Gain insights on the intriguing history of this place shyer which we will love ahead to other enthralling spots. Walkthrough the naturalistic pathways and absorb the soothing atmosphere that nature has to provide. We then set ahead to our next accommodation which is located in the treetops which were initially built and administered by the residents of the area.

Day 4

Exploring Polonnaruwa

Day 4 is another vibrant day of this trip filled with countless thrilling and fun-loving adventures. To start, enjoy the luxurious bike ride with a village local that will pick you from your accommodation. The bike ride revolves around the Ecuadorian lakes and canals located close to the area. You will also come across different locals fishing for their daily living. Admire the artistic culture of the residents of this place. We finally reach the trail that attaches up to 13km. Take a walk and stretch those legs for a fun-loving cardio workout to end the afternoon at a local restaurant. Spend the rest of the day exploring Polonnaruwa.

boat ride on negombo lagoon, sri lanka

Day 5

Sigiriya Rock

Day 5 begins with traveling to the barbarous Sigiriya Rock for encountering an incredible and enthusiastic experience of being surrounded by a 360-degree view of artistic landscapes. Capture some memorable pictures after which we will move ahead to the Royal Gardens. The Royal Gardens is an authentic garden where beauty meets nature. Take a long walk through the garden to notice the beautifully preserved frescoes. We then visit Kandy to admire the pilgrims and sculptures at the Temple of the tooth.

Day 6

Cultural tour begins

We begin day 6 by educating ourselves on the religious culture of Sri Lanka. A professional guide will give you vital insights into Buddhism after which we will head to a small yet compelling village to take blessings from a monk to understand the philosophy of Buddhism. Religious enthusiasts can also stop for a meditation session to calm their minds on the temple grounds. Ensure wearing while clothes along to enter the temple. We spend the afternoon walking through the glorious rice fields to observe the locals tending their gardens and crops. Our last stop for the day is the local home for an excellent King Coconut.

Day 7

Ella hill station

We go easy on day 7. After exciting and excruciatingly exhausting 6 days, we take an enthralling train ride situated in the midst of the magnificent hills. We encounter the beautiful verdant tea plantations on the way to the Ella hill station. Throughout the train ride, every tourist will have the benefit of coming across the traditional culture of the locals. View the sunset while the cold breezes fall on your face.

We take the rest of the day to relax and stroll through the Tumblr cafes of the hill station.

aerial view of surf beach hiriketiya in dikwella, sri lanka

Day 8

Little Adams Peak

We start day 8 by heading for a long walk to the Little Adams Peak. Another day that includes doing a light workout and burning some calories whilst walking in a naturalistic pathway encompassed by the greens and wildlife creatures. Stop at the lookout point to encounter a scenic view. After some authentic sightseeing, we stop by to visit a retired team plantation worker to gain intriguing insights into the rich culture and heritage of this place. Meander through the aesthetically-pleasing and soothing tea bushes to learn a bit more about tea production.

End the day by tasting different tea variants.

Day 9

Udawalawe National Park

On day 9, we start an early morning drive-by leaving the hill station to reach Udawalawe National Park to enjoy the beauty that the national park has to offer. We then take a safari to observe the peculiar attractions of this park, thereby stumbling across the wild species of stunning Asiatic elephants. We then spend the rest of the day admiring the wildlife and nature after which we head back to our accommodation for ending the night a starry one.

Go to sleep whilst admiring the relaxing sky and rest your eyes.

Day 10

Udawalawe Transit Home

For day 10, we have quite a few exciting attentions in store. Explorers wanting to visit the Udawalawe Transit Home for encountering orphaned elephants can wake up early to reach the rehabilitation center. We then move ahead to the tropical south coast to reach Tangalle. We stay for a while to capture some pictures after which we move to our next accommodation situated in the middle of lush and gorgeous gardens on the coast of the beach.

Spend the rest of the day chilling with your loved ones.

tourist staring at the view of little adams peak, sri lanka

Day 11

Relaxation at the beach

Day 11 is all about you. After an exciting and thrilling 10 days of touring through Sri Lanka, we spend day 11 to relax at the beach while sitting through the wondrous golden hour. Let the sun kiss your face while you encounter a pleasing and stunning sunset. We may also visit the close by bird reserve to finish the day on a good note. Furthermore, spend the rest of the day strolling across your accommodation.

Day 12

Herakitiya beach

Day 12 revolves around traveling across the coast for a fun-loving skinny dipping session. Whether you want to swim or surf at the grand Herakitiya beach, you can do as you please. After encountering a tiresome yet fun beach morning, we get ready to visit the historic city of Galle. We then stop to view the mesmerizing attractions of this city to absorb the rich culture of it. We head to an absolutely stunning accommodation located in the fort area.

We end the night by choosing a top-notch restaurant for a delicious diner night.

Day 13


While we almost come to the end of our tour, day 13 offers a set of vibrant and vividly pleasing attractions and adventures. While the soothing antique streets of Galle await us, we start our morning to visit them by strolling across the engrossing ramparts, thereby viewing the exquisite serenity of this place. You can then choose to visit different aesthetic shops and cafes or spend the rest of the day at the beach. As the night ends with a nostalgic feeling, cherish all the memories that you may have encountered with your loved ones.

elephant herd walking on grassland in udawalawe national park in udawalawe, sri lanka

Day 14


As our tour officially comes to an end, we spend the day packing bags to set ahead to the airport. We end the day by finishing an endless journey of adventures and traveling back to our homes.