Top hotels in Nakuru and Naivasha

Top hotels in Nakuru and Naivasha

Naivasha is a large town, situated on the west of Nairobi. This market town is one of the most underrated places in Kenya. When you wander inside Navaisha, you will find it is a busy place with a multi-ethnic population. Most know the town through the popular Lake Naivasha.

The beautiful lake with its prehistoric look gives a spectacular view of the Rift Valley. Rich with wildlife, it is the ideal spot for tourists to relax and bask in the shimmery lake’s beauty. 

 Quite dusk over Lake Naivasha 

Quite dusk over Lake Naivasha

Within Lake Naviasha’s reach is the Hell’s Gate National Park located at the quarter part of the Great Rift Valley. You can immediately sense the wild yet incredible experience while taking a hike up towards the park. 

Hells’ Gate is known for its geothermal activity and has a rich diversity. If you think this park looks familiar, it’s because it was also featured in the movie ‘The Lion King’! 

The beautiful Hell's Gate in Naivasha

The beautiful Hell’s Gate in Naivasha

On one hand, where Naviasha is small and does not feature much activity, Nakuru city is rapidly transforming. This city is a great place to explore parks and lakes, all year round. Nakuru is an urban area and the largest center in the Rift Valley. 

One of the famous tourist spots is Menengai Crater in Nakuru, a huge shield volcano nestled. It is also one of the biggest volcanoes caldera in the world.

The huge Menengai Crater, Nakuru 

The huge Menengai Crater, Nakuru

One can’t miss Lake Nakuru which is prominent for accommodating the flamingos during the migratory months. You can hardly see the water as these pink birds surround the entire area, making it a breathtaking sight. 

However, this lake offers more than flamingoes as it is also an important sanctuary for rhinos. Both black and white rhinos can be spotted during game drives in the national park.  

  A beautiful sight of flamingos near Lake Nakuru

A beautiful sight of flamingos near Lake Nakuru

Distance between Naivasha and Nakuru 

The distance between both places is approximately 70 kilometers. If you drive by car from Naivasha, it will take 1 hour, 20 minutes to reach Nakuru. If you can’t rent a car, there are taxis available that will help you reach Nakuru quickly. 

The highlights of Naivasha and Nakuru can only be enjoyed if you opt for a comfortable retreat spot.

Check out these 10 amazing hotels located in Naivasha and Nakuru that add to your perfect vacation. 

Top hotels  to stay in Naivasha: 

1. Sawela Lodges 

The Sawela Lodge is one of the top safari lodges in Naivasha. The name Sawela means ‘comfort in a bird’s nest’ and the hotel truly lives up to its name! 

The lodge is located in a serene environment with a relaxing atmosphere. The rooms are spacious and fully furnished with elegant designs. 

The calm Sawela Lodges nestled between nature

The calm Sawela Lodges nestled between nature

The accommodation options are divided into superior, deluxe, business deluxe, business suite, and executive suite. Aside from this, they also offer seminars and conference halls as well as wedding venues for the perfect vacation wedding. 

Sawela lodge offers various recreational activities like an organic swimming pool, a kids’ play area, a guided nature walk, and a special ‘Sawela Trail’. 

  • How to get to Sawela Lodge: 

From Nairobi, it is a 90 minutes drive to Sawela Lodge, covering 85 kilometers.  

2. Lake Naivasha Crescent Camp 

Lake Naivasha Cresent camp is located on the shore of Lake Naivasha. It features luxury tents that are constructed using canvas complete with en-suite bathrooms. The ambiance of tents is designed in a way that gives them a traditional and cozy feel it. 

The camp and its stunning wildlife view

The camp and its stunning wildlife view

As it is situated away from the city, Lake Naivasha Crescent camp lets the visitor forget about the hustle and bustle of their urban life. The great landscapes of the beautiful Mount Longonot and other mountain ranges make up for the perfect leisure vacation. 

During your stay, you will find yourself surrounded by wildlife, spotting birds and hippos bathing in the lakes.  

  • How to get to Lake Naivasha Crescent Camp 

The nearest airport from the camp is the Wilson airport, located 75 kilometers away. The drive from Nairobi to the Camp will take 1 hour, either by car or a shuttle. A bus or taxi will take approximately two hours. 

3. Lake Naivasha Country Club-Sun Africa Hotel 

The Lake Naivasha Country club resort dates back to the olden times which has now been transformed into 5-acre property. This luxurious hotel offers world-class services, rooms, and the most wonderful view of the Rift Valley from the top. 

 Guests lounging in the Country Club Hotel

Guests lounging in the Country Club Hotel

The rooms include suites and cottages along with a swimming pool and world-class gourmet dining. The nearby Crescent island is a haven for adventures where one can spot wild animals such as giraffes, gazelles, and zebras roaming freely. 

Lake Naivasha Country Club-Sun Africa Hotel is ideal for both leisure and active travelers. 

  • How to get to Lake Naivasha Country Club-Sun Africa Hotel 

While the nearest airport to this hotel is the Wilson airport, it takes a 90 minutes drive by car from Nairobi to reach this retreat. 

4. Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort 

Perched above Lake Naivasha, the Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort offer one of the most panoramic views of the entire valley. The lodge sits at above 7000 feet from elevation and surrounds picturesque scenery.

One of the highlights of this lodge is that it owns an airstrip connecting Nairobi, Maasai Mara, and Samburu.  

The Great Rift Valley lodges as seen from above

The Great Rift Valley lodges as seen from above

The lodge offers different types of accommodation with all rooms and villas ensuite. It is one of the best hotels for birders as the lodge houses different species of birds. 

This hotel is perfectly located in between the game reserves of Maasai Mara and Samburu, where you can stop for an adventurous game drive on your way to the hotel.  

The Great Rift Valley Lodge provides a stargazing tour, Hells’ gate excursion, and a trip to Eburu forest nature park. Yet, one of the most prominent activities of this lodge is golf. This golf resort has a reputation for being a challenging but beautiful golf course in Africa. 

  • How to reach the Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort: 

By airplane, it takes a 30-minute flight from Nairobi to the hotel’s airstrip. From the Nairboki-Nakuru highway, a car drive takes about one and a half hours to reach the hotel.   

5. Burch’s Resort Naivasha

Burch’s Resort in Naivasha is a refreshing retreat, offering a number of facilities to its guests. This is a rural property which has tents and cottages, complete with lake-side views. 

 Cottages in Burch's Resort

Cottages in Burch’s Resort

The private cottages of Burch’s Resort are ideal for weekend gateways in Naivasha. Along with having a hospitable staff and a delicious buffet, the resort offers many ways to enjoy your stay. 

You can choose from canoeing, book your tickets for evening entertainment in the resort or relax near the pools. This quiet hotel will provide the perfect way to enjoy a leisure trip.

  • How to get to Burch’s Resort Naivasha:

Burch’s Resort Naivasha is close to the Wilson airport (75km), where the resort provides shuttle bus service and airport transportation.

6. Loldia House Naivasha

Loldia house in Naivasha is a unique retreat, known for being an old Kenyan home set on the shores of Lake Naivasha. This hotel is famous for its accommodations including old houses and cottages. Each room offers incredible views of the garden and the faraway extinct volcano, Mount Longonot.

An old Kenyan house for guests

An old Kenyan house for guests

While undertaking an excursion or game drive with Loldia House, guests are provided with free breakfast or lunch. One of the most famous facilities provided by the hotel is their spa treatments. The hotel has a pool-side spa room offering facials and massages, making it a papering self-care treatment.

Ideal for families, couples, friends, and solo travelers, Loldia House is a mesmerizing one of its kind property in Naivasha. 

  • How to reach Loldia House

The nearest airport to the hotel is the Wilson airport (86 km). By car, the drive takes at least 2 hours from Nairobi to reach Loldai House.

Top hotels to stay in Nakuru 

1. Sarova Woodlands 

For those passing the town of Nakuru, Sarova woodlands are the perfect place for an idyllic retreat. All guests, including business and leisure travelers, can take a break from their vacation and enjoy resting in Sarova. 

Rooms at Sarova Woodlands are ensuite and offer the best of its services for a tranquil stay. The wide range of accommodation includes woodland rooms, woodland superior rooms, studio suite, executive suite, and state suite. 

 The dining area of Sarova Woodlands

The dining area of Sarova Woodlands

The services offered at this hotel are impeccable, making your stay stylish and enjoyable.  

The hotel also offers a wide range of leisure ventures due to its proximity to game parks and heritage sites. Some of its adventure activities include visiting the Menengai Crater, a game drive to Lake Nakuru and national park, and exploring the Hyrax Prehistoric Site. 

  • How to get to Sarova Woodlands: 

The nearest airport to Sarova woodlands is Nanyuki airport, located 109 kilometers away. A drive from Nairobi to the hotel will take 3 and a half hours by car. 

2. Ziwa Bush Lodge 

Ziwa Bush Lodge is the epitome of humans coexisting with nature in luxurious accommodation. This is a unique African resort that is filled with luscious vegetation, bushes, plants, and trees. 

It provides the perfect escape to nature when guests require rejuvenation and healing. The calm and serene environment is combined with exclusive services that leave no room for complaint. 

 The relaxing Ziwa Bush Lodge

The relaxing Ziwa Bush Lodge

The rooms in Ziwa Bush Lodge have an air of sophistication and luxury. They are family-friendly and only offer comfort for guests.  

This is one of the best hotels for undertaking activities such as bird watching, fishing, and nature walks. The hotels also have staycation options, cocktail pool parties, and wedding venues. 

  • How to get to Ziwa Bush Lodge: 

The nearest airport to Ziwa Bush Lodge is the Eldoret Airport, situated 118 kilometers away. By car, the drive takes approximately 4 hours from Nairobi to the lodge. 

3. Sarova Lion Hill

For a spectacular view of pinks flamingos near Lake Nakuru, Sarova Lion Hill is the best choice. The lodge is nestled along with the Lion Hill, overlooking Lake Nakuru as well as the Nakuru National Park. 

The panoramic views of the surroundings of the Rift valley can only be found in Sarova Lion Hill.

Sarova Lion Lodge overlooking Lake Nakuru

Sarova Lion Lodge overlooking Lake Nakuru

The accommodations in Sarova Lion Lodge are tailored for guests who prefer relaxation and comfort, combined with beautiful scenery. The lodge has 67 luxury chalets further divided into different rooms, and suites respectively.

Having plentiful activity options, the lodge provides game drives, bird watching, visits to Menengai Crater, and lastly, the iconic flamingo spotting. This lodge is closer to the park’s rhino sanctuary where one has a chance to spot rare black rhinos easily. 

  • How to get to Sarova Lion Lodge:

The closest airport to the lodge is the Nanyuki airport (107 km). From Nairobi, a car drive will take approximately two hours to reach the lodges. 

4. Lake Nakuru Lodge

Situated inside Lake Nakuru National Park, Lake Nakuru Lodge is an eco-friendly and beautiful accommodation. It is famous for its spectacular views that can be seen from its lodges. 

You can spot the wilderness of Nakuru without having to leave the room as guests have access to their very own private terraces. 

The unobstructed sight of Nakuru as seen from the lodge

The unobstructed sight of Nakuru as seen from the lodge

These stunning Lakeview lodges offer an unparalleled section of the wildlife. Lounging near the poolside, you can easily observe, birds, zebras, and buffalos. 

The best part about this lodge lies in the wide range of activities that are designed for guests. Some of them include safari packages, bird watching, horse riding, game drives, and planting trees in and around Lake Nakuru.

Outside of the lodge, you can enjoy trips to the Makalai Falls, Menengai Crater, and participate in the Bagamoyo sewing projects.

  • How to get to Lake Nakuru Lodge:

The closest airport to Lake Nakuru Lodge is the Nanyuki airport (109 km). By car, it is a two-hour drive from Nairobi to the lodge.


Nakuru and Naivasha offer various retreats that add to a traveler’s African vacation. From modern to traditional, these hotels in Naivasha and Nakuru are bound to make your trip worthwhile.  


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