Top places to celebrate Christmas

Top places to celebrate Christmas

Holiday destinations are some of the most exciting places you can choose to visit. Whether you are with family, friends, or even solo, celebrating a holiday in a different country is intriguing at its best. 

Going to a holiday destination gives one a chance to witness the traditions and rituals performed in a country different from yours. 

A Christmas market in Nuremberg, Germany

A Christmas market in Nuremberg, Germany

Out of all the holidays existing, Christmas is celebrated worldwide. Surpassing the boundaries of religion and culture, people enjoy the Christmas season with their loved ones.  

Whether you celebrate it at home or venture out,  there are certain places in the world where Christmas looks straight out of a movie. 

From glittering lights to snowy places, cozy corners, and festive spirit, these top ten places are the best destinations you can enjoy a beautiful Christmas vacation: 

1. Bethlehem, West Banks 

The real meaning of Christmas is often forgotten and to revive it, Bethlehem in West Banks is one of the most ideal places to visit. Bethlehem is the birthplace of Jesus and makes you feel like you are on a spiritual pilgrimage in this city. 

The strikingly joyful Christmas celebration on Manger Square in the Old City fills the visitor’s heart with true season spirits. As the clock strikes 12, St Catherine’s church performs a midnight mass that cannot be missed.  

Christmas celebrations in Manger Square

Christmas celebrations in Manger Square

You can see the iconic and massive Christmas tree, watch performances at Bethlehem’s Center Square, and soak up the Christmas atmosphere at this significant destination. 

The traditional Christmas cookies known as Maamoul is also prepared once the religious holiday begins in Bethlehem. You can pair it up with a hot cup of Arabica coffee and enjoy a perfect Christmas holiday.  

2. Santa Claus Village, Finland 

If you like seeing Santa Claus on this occasion, why not head to the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi and meet him personally. The old man in his signature red attire is the most lovable resident in the city.

The Santa Claus Village is open all year round but transforms into a magical place especially during Christmas. You can follow Santa while riding the reindeer sleds and witness elves preparing gifts for Christmas. 

The Santa Claus village glimmering in the night

The Santa Claus village glimmering in the night

The village transforms into a winter wonderland with the white glimmering snow shining brighter when the lights are lit. 

There is an amusement park called Santa Park where you can double the fun of Christmas. For your accommodation, you can reside in an arctic snow hotel which is made entirely of ice! If you want to explore a surreal Christmas, Santa Claus village is for you. 

3. London England 

Christmas in London is considered to be classic yet laidback and simple. With people in Christmas mood, you will find yourself walking along in crowds, full of bustle and joy. 

The best place to visit in London during this season is Oxford Street. Here, the Christmas tree is beautifully decorated and famous shopping districts are adorned with red, white, and green ornaments. 

Christmas decorations at Oxford Street

Christmas decorations at Oxford Street

You can visit Hyde Park’s winter wonderland which is free to enter and boasts various Christmas-themed attractions. Or if you’d like to have more fun, hit the ice-skating rink such as the one near Hampton County palace. 

In the end, you can always cozy up in the world-famous London pubs and absorb the Christmas, London offers to you. 

4. New York City, USA 

Thanks to several movies, we all know how Christmas in the Empire state looks like. But once you visit New York City in real life, this festive season appears much more beautiful than the films. 

Light snow, muzak, and Christmas lights is truly a magical sight. You can marvel at the biggest Christmas tree in the world lit and decorated in Rockefeller Center. And catch sight of people icy skating beneath it.  

Rockefeller Center in New York City

Rockefeller Center in New York City

The holiday window displays in NYC are well-known for their original Christmas themes and one-of-a-kind presentations. These can be seen especially in stories like Barneys, Bloomingdales, and Macy’s.  

You can always admire the Empire state building situated in the middle of NYC and enjoy the light show it offers for the visitors. 

5. Bondi Beach, Australia 

Bondi Beach looks exactly the opposite of the Northern Hemisphere Christmas during the season. Here, the sun, sand, and surf replace the clichés of snow and Christmas lights. 

If you want to try out something unique and usual for Christmas, Bondi Beach is the place for you. At this destination, people escape from the ordinary white Christmas and enjoy this festive occasion with bands and beaches. 

Unique Christmas celebrations at Bondi Beach

Unique Christmas celebrations at Bondi Beach

This destination also invites backpackers and creates a mix of a crowd which raises the holiday spirits. From the best BBQ restaurants to bars and shopping boutiques, the spirit of Christmas is heightened near the beach. 

Bondi Beach is an iconic place where celebrating an Australian Christmas at least once must be on your list. 

6. The Vatican Italy 

The Vatican is beautiful all year round but the month of December appears truly surreal in the city.  

Here, the signature roasted chestnuts are sold at every corner of the street while pilgrims visit the midnight mass on Christmas eve. 

The Naivety scene displayed in the Vatican

The Naivety scene displayed in the Vatican

Every year, the Vatican unveils a different nativity scene, usually donated by an Italian town near St Peters Church. The incredible Christmas tree near the nativity scene is beautifully decorated. The celebration of Christmas in the Vatican makes it one of the top destinations you need to visit.

7. Amsterdam, Netherlands 

This European city is one of the popular destinations for a Christmas vacation. During Christmas, the city transforms into a wonderfully special place. 

Amsterdam holds the annual light festival which showcases some of the most exquisite and creative festivals one can ever one across. You can also sail along the beautiful canals of Amsterdam by taking a canal cruise. This makes one experience Christmas in the city from a different point of view. 

Canals in Amsterdam during Christmas

Canals in Amsterdam during Christmas

Amsterdam is full of Christmas markets that lift the holiday spirits even further. You can relish the Dutch delicacies which are part of the Christmas menus. 

However, if you want to enjoy Christmas in Amsterdam, explore the city during the season by riding bikes like a local.  

8. Munich Germany 

For a picturesque Christmas destination, Munich is the best choice to visit. The European winter can be experienced here with many activities to take part in. 

The Christmas market near the Marienplatz area offers the best way one can mingle with the local culture and people during the season. In the market, you can get your hand on various ethnic food ranging from gingerbread, red wine punch, and local snacks. 

Christmas in Munich

Christmas in Munich

The best thing to do after exploring the market is to take a ride in a Christmas Tram in the city. Munich’s winter is bone-chilling and thus, trams are the perfect way to ride comfortably.

These trams create a suitable Christmas atmosphere for passengers inside. Along with delicious delicacies, there is music to keep you company during the ride. 

9. Tokyo Japan 

Tokyo fascinates everyone with its high-class Christmas decorations every year. You can enjoy your Christmas in the city by marveling at the beautiful light decorations at every corner of the street. 

The beautiful Christmas lights in Tokyo

The beautiful Christmas lights in Tokyo

Try one of the Christmas Japanese traditions by ordering a decadent Christmas cake. During Christmas, Tokyo’s bakeries and hotels create the most extravagant and lip-smacking goods in which this strawberry shortcake does not disappoint.  

Catching a Christmas show in Tokyo is highly recommended where Tokyo’s New National theatre hosts classic shows like The Nutcracker and the Mouse king.

You can always end your day by having a hearty dinner in Tokyo as most restaurants remain open during Christmas. 

10. San Juan, Puerto Rico 

Celebrating Christmas on the small island of San Juan in Puerto Rico is bound to be delightful. Don’t go on its size as this tiny destination has one of the brightest celebrations during Christmas, every year. 

The City Hall in San Juan during Christmas

The City Hall in San Juan during Christmas

You can visit the Churches where dawn masses are conducted regularly and carols sung almost every day. You wouldn’t want to miss the big feast which is held on Christmas eve followed by the Midnight mass. 

For decorations, you can always head to City Plaza to witness the fairy lights and decorations of Christmas. As the weather is warmer than in other places, you can leisurely take a stroll and enjoy the season’s atmosphere in San Juan. 

Christmas is best enjoyed when you choose a perfect destination to celebrate it. Thus, these top destinations must be on your list the next time you plan a Christmassy trip.  


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