People who want to escape their boring daily routine frequently visit Agumbe’s lush jungles. The high-altitude village of Agumbe is located in the Thirthahalli taluk of the Shimoga district of Karnataka and is encircled by the Western Ghats mountains and beautiful green rainforests. Many Agumbe falls, including Bakarna, Jogi Gundi, and Onake Abbi, can be found there. It is sometimes referred to as the “Cherrapunjee of South India” and is one of the wettest regions in India. Agumbe is a tropical jungle with tropical monsoon weather.

The Agumbe rainforest boasts of a dense and wet tropical evergreen ecosystem and has a high level of biodiversity. It is blessed with a luxuriance of vegetation consisting of several tiers. The rainforests are also home to various endangered plant species. Different varieties of plants like fungus, shrubs, mushrooms, and fungus can be found in the region. Mammals like the lion-tailed macaque, giant squirrel, dhole, barking deer, Indian Bison, and gaur, reptiles like the gumboking Cobra, flying lizard, cane turtle, birds like Malabar trogon, Sri Lankan frogmouth, the Yellow-browed bulbul, and innumerable varieties of insects can also be found in the area.

The town features meandering streets and incredibly warm residents. The majority of the scenes for RK Narayanan’s Malgudi Days were filmed at Agumbe, which is another intriguing truth about this picturesque location. There are Hoysala-style temples there from the fourteenth century. The majority of the temples are devoted to Lord Gopalakrishna. The area is full of tradition, history, and culture. Agumbe is a photographer and traveler’s dream.



Location: Karnataka

Nearest airport: Mangalore

How to reach: by road from Mangalore

Famous for: Waterfalls, nature walks/treks, rare species of plants, Birdwatching, reptiles & amphibians

Best time to visit: October to February for trekking / June – September for landscape & spotting species of reptiles and amphibians


Jogigundi Falls,

Onake Abi Falls,

Koodlu Theertha Falls


There are numerous places of interest in Agumbe that serve as major tourist attractions. Most of the places of interest are famous Agumbe Falls.

Some of the most popular places of interest are as follows:

Kunchikal Falls – The Kunchikal Falls, a 455 m high cascade, was created by the Varahi River. The highest-tiered waterfall in India, the Jog Falls, is thought to be lower than the Agumbe Falls. One of the main hydroelectric power sources in Karnataka is the Kunchikal Falls. During the monsoon season, numerous seasonal falls emerge in the adjacent woodlands.

a frog showing its glands at Agumbe rainforest Karnataka India

Barkana Falls – Barkana Falls is one of the most famous Agumbe Falls. At a height of around 850 ft, Barkana Falls is the 11th-highest waterfall in India. Located amidst the thick and dense forests of the Western Ghats, the falls are formed by the Seeta River. The name is derived from ‘Barka’, referring to the mouse deer living in the nearby forests. Located close to the Barkana Falls, is the Barkana ViewPoint which presents mesmerizing sceneries of the Ghats and the adjoining hills.

a snake crawling from a tree in Agumbe forest Karnataka India

Onake Abbi Falls – Located at a trek distance of 8km from Agumbe, the Onake Abbi Falls derives its name from the word ‘Onake’ which refers to a pounding stick used in the villages to pound grains. These Agumbe Falls provide marvelous sceneries of Agumbe that are a treat to tourists’ eyes.

an insect resting on a leaf in Agumbe forest Karnataka India

Jogigundi Falls – Agumbe’s Jogigundi Falls are three kilometers away from Agumbe and are on the route to Barkana Falls. The Malapahaari River feeds a tiny pond that is the source of Jogigundi Falls. Finally, the waters flow into the River Tunga and descend the valley. As it is claimed that a saint meditated in a cave next to the falls, the term “Jogi” is how the falls got their name.

a colorful insect in Agumbe forest Karnataka India

Koodlu Theertha Falls – Formed by the Seeta River that falls into a pond from a height of 300ft, the Koodlu Theertha Falls is one of nature’s beautiful wonders. The pond is considered a holy place because it is believed that sages used to meditate in the caves nearby. Another famous Agumbe Falls, The Monkey Falls, also known as The Manga Theertha, is situated quite close to the Koodlu Theertha Falls. Nearby Attractions

green color reptile resting in Agumbe forest Karnataka India

Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary – The evergreen Agumbe rainforests of the Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary start from the Agumbe sunset viewpoint at the top to Hebri town down the Agumbe ghat. The picturesque evergreen forests of the sanctuary are home to a variety of trees, plants, and shrubs. It boasts of housing various endangered species of plants as well. The sanctuary is home to the Agumbe King Cobra, Lion-tailed Macaque, Wild boar, porcupines, gaur, etc. The sanctuary can be reached by bus from Agumbe.Food

wildlife in Agumbe rainforest Karnataka India

The licking of lips Agumbe’s specialty is Malnad food. It combines Kodava and Mangalorean cuisine and is distinguished by freshly ground spices, local, fresh ingredients, and a lack of oil. Agumbe’s delectable Malnad food is a top draw for travelers. A typical Malnad meal is served on a banana leaf and comprises uppu (salt), Kosambari, Pickle, Palya, Gojju, Raita, Thovve, Chitranna, Curd Rice, dessert, and ghee. Popular Malnad cuisines include akki roti, jackfruit idli, mango rasam, and jackfruit fritters.

Agumbe rainforest amidst clouds in Karnataka India

How to reach:

By air – The Mangalore International Airport is located at a distance of 140km from Agumbe. Direct flights to Mangalore airport are available from most cities in the country. Another airport close to Agumbe is Bangalore Airport (247 km from Agumbe).

By road – Tourists can take a bus directly from Bangalore to Agumbe. Alternatively, tourists can take a bus up to Thirthahalli and then another bus to Agumbe. Taking the road has its perks. The travelers have the opportunity to view the beautiful landscapes and sceneries of Karnataka.

By train – The Udupi Railway station is located at a distance of only 50 km from Agumbe. Tourists may take a train up to Udupi station and then travel the rest of the distance by bus or car. This is one of the most popular and cost-effective ways of reaching Agumbe. Owing to its picturesque green sceneries and rich flora and fauna, Agumbe is the perfect place for a refreshing vacation and for those who love witnessing nature’s bounty and abundance. It is the perfect escape from the daily hectic schedule to relax and unwind. It offers a rich cultural experience and the beauty of the place will leave tourists awestruck.