According to legend, the Western Ghats’ rainforests are perpetually alive. The natural orchestra made up of the sound of water drops falling from high treetops to puddles on the ground, the incessant croaking of frogs, and the buzzing of many insects add to the forests’ exceptional beauty. Enjoy the sights of tiny streams that meander through the forest, cascading waterfalls, a wide variety of fungi, Indian snakes of all sizes and colors, and hiding Praying Mantises.

The most vibrant butterflies, including Blue Mormon, Southern Birdwing, Cruiser Dance, and Red Helen, are abundant in the woodlands when the sun briefly emerges from the clouds during a break in the rain. Engage in some bird watching since the Western Ghats are home to endemic species like the Malabar Grey Hornbill, Yellow-browed Bulbuls, and even Sri Lankan Frogmouths.


Location: Sindhudurg District, Maharashtra, India

Nearest Airport: Goa and Belgaum airports, Goa has better connectivity

How to reach: 3 hr drive from Goa airport


Famous for: Beautiful western ghat landscapes, Reptile and amphibian sightings during monsoons.


Best time to visit: June to October


Places – Amboli Falls, Shirgaonkar Point, Nangarta Falls, Amboli Sunset Point, Mahadevgad Valley, Parikshit Point

Wildlife – Green vine, Malabar pit viper, bronzeback tree snake, olive forest snake, Malabar gliding frog, Amboli toad, Amboli bush-frog, many wrinkled frogs


Amboli, a stunning hill town in the Western Ghats, is situated in the state of Maharashtra. The Sahyadri Hills, where the lush green area is located, has a number of vistas that provide unmatched views of the entire area. The Sea View Point at Amboli Ghat is one of the most well-known. The area offers a magnificent view of the countryside all the way to the golden Konkan shore.

snake ready to take a dive from a small twig in amboli hill station maharashtra india


small waterfalls amidst clouds in amboli hill maharashtra india

Hiranyakeshi River- This is the perfect location for a picnic. It rises in a cave among the rocks and flows downward to Amboli. Seven ponds are present in this cave, and only the final pond, which is 300 meters long, receives sunshine. Additionally, it is a great location for angling. There are various sparkling waterfalls on the Amboli Ghat. This area has 23 waterfalls, including the Amboli Falls, which are ideal places to have a picnic.


green snake catching its prey by neck in amboli maharashtra india

one among many waterfalls in amboli hills maharashtra india

Mahadevagarh Fort- Located 3 km away from Amboli Ghat, the Mahadevagarh Fort offers a panoramic view of the Konkan Coast. It is a lovely place for tourists to visit and the Sunset Point is located quite close to the Fort. The place receives very high rainfall, and as a result, becomes dreamy when mist surrounds all over.


snake sitting on a tree branch in fog filled forest in amboli ghat maharashtra india

green snake yawning in amboli rainforest maharashtra india

During monsoons, the Amboli Ghat is filled with varieties of reptiles, amphibians, and other species like the Malabar Pit Vipers, Green Vine Snakes, Gliding Frogs, Toads, Cicadas, frogs’ eggs, etc. Tourists can marvel at the beauty of the winding paths of Amboli forests searching for the little wondrous creatures such as insects, snakes, and frogs. These are the primary attractions of this region. One can also witness a great variety of flora here. The Amboli forests are a dream destination for wildlife photographers who wish to capture some exclusive images of reptiles and amphibians of the Western Ghats.


beam of sunrays falling on the forest of amboli maharashtra india

The green vine, the Malabar pit viper, the bronze-back tree snake, and the olive forest snake are some of the Indian snakes that may be found in this area. The Amboli forests are home to other amphibians, including the Malabar gliding frog, endemic delicacies like the Amboli toad and the Amboli bush frog, and understated beauty like the Dobson’s burrowing frog and a variety of wrinkled frogs.