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Location- karnatka

Nearest airport- Bangalore

Nearest rail head- Badami has its own well connected railway station


Badami is a town in the Bagalkot District of Karnataka. Badami is one of the ancient cities. The town is well known in India as well as abroad for its cave temples. The town is a part of HRIDAY Scheme initiated by the Govt of India. The city has immense historical and archaeological importance. Also it is of architectural importance. The structures of the temples and forts are astonishing and make us learn a lot about Indian craftsmanship. There are evidences of inhabitation in the pre-historic area. The region has been ruled mainly by Chalukyas. The city has been mentioned in the Puranas and other literature books.

What to see

Agastya Lake, Badami Fort, Bhoothnatha Temple,



Karnataka is home to people from different ethnicities. There are Kannadigas, tuluvas, konkanis, todas, Buddhists, and many more. The culture here is full of colours and music and moves. The performing arts include Yakshagana, Bharatnattyam, Ranga Shankara, Ninasam, Carnatic music, Gamaka, and many more. The people of Karnataka can still be seen in their traditional attire i.e. saree and dhoti.

Where to go

The cave temples of Badami are very popular. It is the most visited site in fact it is a site that no tourist has missed. The cave temples are a group of four temples carved out in the red stone. Each of these temples has beautiful carvings and depictions of various scenes from stories. The first three of the temple are dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu and their various incarnations. However, the forth temple is dedicated to the Jain Tirthankaras. Agastya Lake is a huge lake facing the cave temples of Badami. The water of the lake is said have healing powers. It is named after one of the most revered sages of Hinduism, Sage Agastya. To a surprise of many, the lake is an artificial one. The lake dates back to the 5 th c. There are several stories related to the lake and also there are several mythological beliefs that revolve around the lake. You can ask the locals, who are seen bathing and washing in the, for such stories. Bhoothnatha Temple is another of the popular temples in the town. The temple s dedicated to Lord Shiva. The access to the temple is only one way as it is covered with water on all other sides. Lake Agastya surrounds the Temple. The temple dates back to the 8 th century. Other than the main temple there are several small shrines. Badami Fort is a famous tourist spot in Badami. The Badami Fort is on the banks of Lake Agastya on the top of the Hill. It is also close to the archaeological museum of Badami. The fort premise has two temples and several other structures but these are in ruins now. Several different > including the Dravidian > temples, the lake etc. the construction of the fort is credited to the Chalukya rulers and later additions are said to be done by Tipu Sultan. Archaeological Museum is a frequented place in Badami. The museum has several artefacts well preserved along with their brief description for a better understanding. The museum also has copies of the faded murals of the cave temples for a better look at them. Visiting the temple will leave you only more surprised. There are several other temples in the region. These include Mallikarjuna Temple, Mahakuta Temples, Lakkundi Temples and Aihole. Each of these is close by and is worth a visit. Each of them though similar, has a different story to tell. By visiting the temples one can learn a lot about the dynasties that built these and popular belief system of the people here.

What to eat

People here eat rice and ragi as staple foods. The dishes include variety of rice dishes, Sorghum, dose, vade etc. even the sweet of Karnataka re very popular all over India and abroad too. Mysore Pak, Karadantu, Amingad, Dhrwad Peda and several others are really mouth watering. Karnataka is also known for its Udipi cuisine. This is full time meal and consists of dishes made from rice, grains, beans, fruits and vegetables. It is made out of local spice mix and is delicious.

How to reach

Badami does not have its own airport. The nearest airport to Badami is that of Bangalore. The airport receives regular flights from all major cities in India. The airport also receives international flights. Badami has its own well connected railway station. The station is well connected to various cities of India. The station receives regular trains from Bangalore etc. There are regular bus and cab services from nearby towns and cities to go to Badami.

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