Dandeli & Ganeshgudi

Dandeli & Ganeshgudi


Beautiful Dandeli is a city in North-West Karnataka’s Western Ghats. Dandeli is made up of extensive woodlands and a lush environment that serves as a haven for numerous creatures. Western Ghats’ captivating beauty is an essential component of Dandeli. Huge mountains, nature preserves, and fascinating fauna are all features of the region. The daring hiking, trekking, and other adventurous activities are a big part of what keeps this place charming. Every type of visitor, including those who enjoy the outdoors, hiking, and other types of travel, will adore this location. The Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve, Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, and the climb to the Syntheri Rocks are some of the best tourist attractions in Dandeli. Additionally, you might see wild black panthers and unique birds of the Western Ghats. Dandeli is the ideal blend of entertainment, tranquility, and adventures. The avian population enjoys the Dandeli Forest. For ardent birdwatchers, birding is a popular activity.


Location: Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka, India

Nearest Airport: Hubli Airport

How to reach: 2 hours drive from Hubli airport

Famous for: Bird watching,

Black Panther population,

Western ghat landscapes

Best time to visit: October to June


Mammals: Black Panther, Malabar Giant Squirrel, Indian Gaur, sloth bear, Indian wild boar, bonnet macaque, northern plains gray langur, gray slender loris, barking deer

Birds: Asian fairy bluebird, Malabar Trogon, Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, Ruby-Throated Bulbul, Indian Blue Robin, Great Hornbill, Malabar pied hornbill, Sri Lankan frogmouth, Malabar grey hornbill, Indian grey hornbill



The abundance and variety of exotic birds that may be found in Dandeli are its main draw. Both local and migratory birds can be seen by nature enthusiasts. The areas around Kulgi Nature Camp, Ganeshgudi, Dandeli Timber Depot, Shirali Village, Bommanahalli Dam, Syntheri Rocks, and Dandeli Sanctuary, which are regarded as the top birding locations in the Dandeli region, may all be explored by tourists. The Dandeli Sanctuary’s main area can only be accessed with a special permit, which may be obtained from Kulgi. Only with limits are private automobiles permitted. October through March, when migratory birds are present, is the best time to visit the location. The Ganeshgudi region is the ideal location for bird watching. The greatest time to observe birds is in the early morning.



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The Safaris at Dandeli-Anshi Tiger Reserve will be unforgettable experiences for any traveler. The place is located in the western ghats in the Uttara Kannada district. The surging streams, diverse wildlife, and adventuresome trekking make it a dream destination. We find a piece of paradise on the journey to Dandeli. The savoring green trees blitzed with mist and fruits will instantly sweeten one’s soul. The place is enriched with serpentine rivers such as the Kali River and its tributaries, Kaneri and Nagajhari, flowing through the forest where one can do some thrilling adventures such as river rafting. The mighty jungle safaris through the forest provide a glimpse of the wild Black Panther (a melanistic version of the Indian Leopard), and also the Indian Elephant. Bird watching in Ganeshgudi, also known as the Little Paradise of Karnataka is a gem location for every ornithologist. A favorite spot for bird lovers and a perfect spot in the south for wildlife and insect lovers, this little paradise has its charm.