Dholpur has all you need to make it your next travel destination, including historic forts, ancient palaces, abundant animals, and beautiful natural surroundings. Dholpur, located in the center of India, will charm you with its understated tranquility despite its beauty. Prepare yourself for a magnificent experience as you gradually reveal Dholpur’s mysteries.



Dholpur’s history goes all the way back to the Buddha era. It has been ruled by numerous kings and dynasties over the years, and each of them has left its own distinctive mark on the region. Dholpur has seen significant transformations, from the Maurya Empire to the Maratha Empire. Dholpur provides a preserved history lesson to visitors because of its distinctive heritage and grandeur.



Location: Rajasthan

Nearest Airport: Agra

How to reach: by air / train / road

Famous for: National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary and other historical places

Best time to visit: October-March


Chambal Gharial Sanctuary,City Palace,Royal Stepwell,

Shergarh Fort,Machkund,Van Vihar sanctuary

Ramsagar Sanctuary, Talab-e-Shahi, Damoye Waterfall


Places of Interest:


Chambal Gharial Sanctuary: The Chambal, also known as Charmanvati in earlier times, is a lengthy tale that dates back to the Mahabharata. A significant component of Chambal’s identity is the Chambal River. The Chambal River provides a haven for flora and fauna to flourish since it is comparatively undeveloped, unpolluted, and clean. The Chambal Gharial Sanctuary, which was established in 1978, is the ideal location for you to see fascinating animals. The rare Ganges Dolphin, Gharial, Mugger Crocodiles, Indian Skimmer, and the area’s 300+ migratory bird species can all be seen up close on the Chambal River Safari.


City Palace: The City Palace or the Dholpur Palace is the perfect example of beautiful architecture and skill. Surrounded by beautiful greenery, the City Palace emanates a historical vibe and feel.


Royal Stepwell: Located behind the Nihaleshwar temple, the Royal Stepwell is a four-story structure that showcases the finesse of ancient architecture. Decorative pillars and skillful carving adorn this tourist attraction and make it more appealing.


Shergarh Fort: The Shergarh Fort offers a peek into history and the ways of ancient rulers. Situated beside the banks of the Chambal River, the Shergarh Fort is believed to be first erected by Raja Maldev during the Kushan period. But the fort was not always named Shergarh, in fact, in 1540, Shershah reconstructed the fort and gave it the name Shergarh. The Shergarh Fort is very popular among tourists who want to get a taste of history.


Machkund Temple: The Machkund temple, situated 4 hours outside Dholpur, is a serene and beautiful spot to get in touch with your spiritual self. The Machkund temple has no dearth of picturesque scenery around it. Named after Raja Muchchhkund of the Suryavanshi Dynasty, Machkund Temple remains a sacred place for many pilgrims.



Ramsagar Sanctuary: The Ramsagar Sanctuary which houses the serene Ramsagar Lake is rich with marine wildlife. The picturesque Ramsagar Lake provides tourists with a chance to see interesting animals like freshwater Crocodiles, a variety of dishes, and snakes. Several water birds like Cormorants, white-breasted water hens, moon-hen, ringed plovers, sandpipers and many more also dominate these waters. Migratory ducks and Geese can also be found here during the winter months.


Talab e-Shahi: Built in 1617 A.D., the Talab e-Shahi is a beautiful lake and home to many migratory bird species. Located 27km outside Dholpur, Talab e-Shahi attracts a lot of beautiful birds in the winter. The red-crested pochard, tufted duck, garganey teal, wigeon, gadwall, etc are the birds that make Talab e-Shahi their home during the winters.


Nearby attractions:


Bateshwar Temple: A legacy of ancient Madhya Pradesh, the Bateshwar Temple in Morena is a cluster of almost 200 mini sandstone grandeurs dedicated to Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Built across the slanted hills near Padavali, the temples are a historical treasure. Surrounded by a beautiful jungle where birds like Peacocks, Parakeets, and Kingfishers are frequently found, the Bateshwar Temples is a must-visit.


Places to stay:


Dholpur is a beautiful city with a lot of interesting places to visit. To do this, you require a perfect place to stay to make the experience even richer. A nice place to stay with all the amenities is an essential part of any travel plan. So here is the perfect recommendation for your perfect plan.


Raj Niwas Palace (Dholpur Palace)- The Raj Niwas Palace is the ideal place to plan all your activities and excursions from. Being close to many popular tourist sites like the Machkund Temple, Chambal River, Ramsagar Sanctuary, etc, it is the perfect place for your accommodation and gustatory needs.