Kanyakumari, also known as Cape Comorin, is regarded as the country’s southernmost point. As a result, it is frequently referred to as “The Land’s End.” Kanyakumari, a small town with a beautiful landscape, offers a real South Indian experience complete with delectable cuisine, endearing traditions, and the distinctive warmth seen in the region. The Northern “starting point” for exploring India is seen as Kashmir; the Southern “ending point” is regarded as Kanyakumari. As a result, it is a common saying that one must journey from “Kashmir to Kanyakumari” if one wishes to see the entire country.


Location: Kerala

Nearest Airport: Trivandrum

How to reach: by air/train/road

Famous for: Hindu Pilgrimage,

Sunrise & Sunset views over the sea

Best time to visit: September to March


The confluence of three Seas,

Vivekananda Rock MemorialStatueOlakaruvi Falls

Thanumalayan Temple- Sthanumalayan Kovil,

Thiruvalluvar Statue,

Olakaruvi Falls,

Kanyakumari beach




Named after the goddess Devi Kanya Kumari, this is a very important religious destination for Hindus. It is called a Shakthi Peetha and the Kanyakumari temple that has the shrine of the goddess draws in sizable religious crowds. The land is a witness to the Portuguese influence left behind during British rule in India. In fact, the name Comorin was given by the Portuguese.



The town, which has a strong South Indian cultural foundation, is renowned for its classical music and visual arts. Festivals frequently feature a variety of regional traditional dances, which are a pleasure to behold. In this primarily agricultural region, rice and fish are the most popular foods. The two main languages used here are Malayalam and Tamil. Despite this, it is also a well-known vacation spot, largely due to its favorable environment, and the resort in Kanyakumari is frequently packed during the festive seasons.


Places of Interest:


Thirparappu Falls: A landmark tourist destination, Thirparappu Falls is a great place to spend joyful times with family and friends. Not only does the scenic waterfall, which descends from a height of about 50 ft, create a frothy almost mystic appeal to onlookers, but the location offers activities like boating and swimming for those who go in groups making it a fun and enjoyable experience for all. The place also offers great nightlife.

Vivekananda Rock Memorial: Named after the great philosopher and scholar Swami Vivekananda, the legend goes that this is the place that he meditated on to attain enlightenment. To respect and honor this, a memorial was built, including the huge statue of Vivekananda. It is a popular sport for visitors because of the scenic view and experiences it offers to them. People can take ferry rides to enjoy the calm beauty of the ocean. The place also has a museum featuring literary works and the life of the great saint.

Thanumalayan Temple: Sthanumalayan Kovil, with inscriptions that date back to the 9th century, the Thanumalayan temple or Sthanumalayan Kovil is dedicated to the trinity of Hinduism- Gods Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. The word ‘Sthanumalayan’ stands for Sthanu which means Shiva, Mal which means Vishnu, and Aya which translates to Brahma. The major attraction of this temple comprises the four pillars which carry the inscriptions of ancient musicians and musical instruments. They are hence called musical pillars. The temple also contains a dance hall.

Thiruvalluvar Statue: The renowned Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar, whose work, the Thirukkural is taught to every Tamilian in the state not just as a part of the educational curriculum but as a way of life, is honored here. The statue is a sight to behold, with a height of over 130 feet. It is placed on three huge pedestals which contain the entire Thirukurral, inscribed on them. A unique observation is that in the statue, the poet can be seen pointing three fingers to the sky-they stand for Agam, Porul, and Inbam-the three paragraphs of Thirukkural. The statue is located close to the Vivekananda Memorial and can easily be reached via ferry travel.

Olakaruvi Falls: Olakaruvi Falls, a fascinating waterfall closer to Kerala that is a well-known tourist destination, is regarded as one of the best in the state. It is located 35 kilometers from the metropolis of Kanyakumari, closer to Nagercoil. The Falls come down from the Western Ghats mountain ranges, and hikers and climbers have the option of making a short walk there. Although the climb takes roughly an hour, the scenery is undoubtedly worth it. The falls are a wonderful location for a quiet meal or a break after a day of sightseeing.

Our Lady of Ransom Church: Considered an architectural marvel, Our Lady of Ransom Church is built in 15th-century Gothic style, dedicated to Mother Mary. To represent the seven holy fruits, the church has seven doors and it is said that the Church Bell was imported from Italy in the 19th century. The wall carvings represent the coronation of Mother Mary and the twelve disciples of Christ. The main attraction of the church is the gold cross on the central tower. Since it is located close to Kanyakumari Beach, it is a great place to visit after a fun day at the beach.