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Kirkjufell mountain is a 463-meter high mountain, which is located on the Snaefellsnes peninsula in the western part of Iceland. Kirkjufell mountain is one of the top 10 most beautiful mountains in the world as per many lists. The posture of the whole mountain and it’s narrow crown-like top make it look hypnotizing and distinct among other mountains on this planet. It is also called ‘Church Mountain’. It is not too far away from the town of Grundarfjordur.

Due to its perfect coastal location and dramatic story of formation, it is the most photographed mountain in Iceland. On the opposite side of Kirkjufell, the stunning beauty of nature is present- the Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall. It is also an outstanding subject for a travel photographer.


Location: West Iceland

Nearest Airport: Keflavik International airport

How to reach: 3 hr drive from Hornafjordur airport

Famous for: Picturesque mountain and waterfall

Best time to visit: Jan to Dec


Hiking on the aesthetic Kirkjufell mountain, Photographing the picturesque Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall

Capturing the beauty of the Northern lights

Exploring the nearby Grundarfjordur town

Visiting the serene beaches


Formation of Kirkjufell mountain

The formation of Kirkjufell mountain took place millions of years ago due to an erosion in the glaciers. Thus, it comprises sedimentary rocks of glacial and interglacial type. At the foot of the mountain, you can find Tertiary lava as well. This lava can be anywhere between 5 million to 10 million years old. The mountain is pretty steep in all the areas. The unique characteristic of the formation ofKirkjufell Mountainis that it was set amidst two glaciers that molded the mountain into what it is now. This phenomenon is called Nunatak in Iceland. The upper layers of the mountain have quaternary lava and sandstone. Several volcanic eruptions are the reason for the formation of these layers.

northen lights above kirkjufell mountain

What to do at Kirkjufell

Kirkjufell has a lot more to it than only the mountain. The neighborhood of Kirkjufell contributes a great deal to its popularity. One of the major attractions in the area is the mesmerizingKirkjufellsfoss waterfall.There are barely any tourists who come to Iceland and do not want to visit the aesthetic and appealing mountain andKirkjufellsfoss waterfall.There are three waterfalls formed by the river Kirkjufellsá at various points. However, all three waterfalls have the same name. The waterfall flows slowly from the lagoon to the ocean. It has a drop of approximately 54 feet and is sprouted across the large mountain that stands and watches the rustic scenery. During the summer season, you can dive into the water. However, for obvious reasons, do not try out the same in the ice-cold winter season.

Apart from the waterfall, there are several beaches nearby. The beaches are quite scenic and the perfect place for photographers to show off their photography skills. To spend some time close to nature, you can choose to go for a stroll near the base of the mountain. Ensure that you visit the calm and scenic lake and click some beautiful pictures of the mirror-image of the mountain formed in the lake.

small water streams flowing at the foot of kirkjufell mountain

Hiking Kirkjufell

The hike to the peak ofKirkjufell Mountainis pretty steep. It is difficult to reach the summit if you are not an experienced mountain climber or a hiker. It is advised to hire a guide who will help you ace the summit. However, the climb to the top is definitely worth the effort. It gives you the chance to view the scenic surroundings. The panoramic view of the rivers, fields, and coastlines is bound to fill your heart with a calming and satisfactory feeling. It takes one and a half hours to reach the peak. You might require another one and a half hours for the descent. However, you might not want to go away from the spot. This place has an enchanting view and can make you lose all concept of time.

Grundarfjörður Town

It is a small town with a population of 900. Fishing is a popular activity in the town. You might also get a chance to play golf or do horse riding. This town also has a mention in the Hollywood movie "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty". If you plan to stay in Grundarfjörður, it will not take you too long to reach the spot to view Northern Lights above Kirkjufell Mountain. If you choose to camp in Grundarfjörður, you will be able to view the mountain from your camping site itself.

polar lights near snow covered kirkjufell mountain iceland