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Mount Kenya


Mount Kenya National Park is a place of tall mountains capped with snow. A place of flora and fauna flourishing with a freshness seldom seen in the world to this day. A place with air so clean and water so clear that you cannot help but appreciate the tremendous beauty of Mother Nature.


The national park is abode to the second highest peak of Africa, touching the sky with its daunting height of 5199 meters. As you drive away from the city and enter the countryside, these jagged ranges with their unique beauty become visible. You cannot take your eyes away from these mountains colored in white and green. Few can bravely reach the summit of this massive mountain, but those who attempt climbing Mount Kenya are left spellbound with the sheer beauty of the place. The serene lakes, glaciers like crystals, the forest so dense that sunlight cannot pierce through them, and the diversity of animals and birds are some of the features of the Mount Kenya National Park that make it a renowned UNESCO World heritage site across 715 square kilometers.


Nearest airport- Nanyuki airport for small aircarfts. JKIA is the nearest international airport .

How to reach – from Nairobi it is 175 kms. by road. It is easily accessible from various other national parks in Kenya

Famous for – its natural beauty and trek routes to Mount Kenya

Months open – All year

Best time to Visit – All year round


Pristine wilderness

Lakes and glaciers

Mineral springs

High altitude adapted game

11 species of endemic plants.



Some 2 million years ago, Mount Kenya was an active volcano. The soil that surrounds the mountains is formed after the cooling of the magma that erupted several years ago. Now the volcano is dormant, and the area has cultivated an ecosystem of its own. The Government of Kenya is working towards preserving the rich biodiversity and climate of Mt. Kenya with sustainable tourism.

The Kikuyus, a tribe that lived near Mount Kenya, worshipped it. They called it Kirinyaga or the place of brightness because of its beautiful pristine white glaciers. They received everything from Mount Kenya, water, food, rain. These people are scarce now, but they are a huge part of the ecosystem of Mount Longonot in Kenya.


Endemic Plants: There are around eleven species of plants that grow only in the forests of Mount Kenya and nowhere else in the world. These unique plants which grow in the dry soil composed through volcanic eruptions are protected and conserved in the National Park. These unique flowers and plants of such vibrant colors and distinctive shapes can enchant any nature lover with their quirkiness.

Lakes and Glaciers: Mount Kenya has 11 small glaciers, adorning the mountain ranges. The lakes formed by the glacial water give the atmosphere a feeling of serenity, tranquility that can not be experienced anywhere else. The lakes stretch out over the horizon, and their clear water reflects the sky, making you feel the heavens have come down to earth for you to envision.


Birds and wildlife:

The National Park is home to a diverse range of bird species, being home to 6 of the 8 species which are endemic to Mount Kenya. With eagles soaring high in the sky against the backdrop of the extinct volcano, one can behold the Black Stork, Red-billed Duck, Red-knobbed Coot, and the African Green-Pigeon, among others. The beautiful landscapes offer sights of Elephants, White Tailed Mongoose, Black Fronted Dulkers, Bushbucks, Leopards, Black Rhinos and Buffaloes.

Trekkers, weather, walking trail: The National Park has various walking trails for those who long for trekking on Mount Kenya. Professional trekkers from all over the world come here to reach the summit of Mount Kenya. Mount Kenya trek offers panoramic views and animals and birds in their natural habitat as well the plants that are endemic to Mount Kenya. The weather is usually dry but can get cold at night. Depending on the season, you may experience snowfall as well. One should get a guide when tackling the walking trail to not get lost when the mist covers the mountains.

One can spend time in the wildernesses and appreciate the beauty of nature while hiking Mount Kenya; activities like mountain climbing, caving, camping, game viewing, safari and various other activities arranged as part of Mount Kenya trekking tours. Gaze the stars at night, connect to nature, relax in the lap of the natural environment, and forget your worldly worries.


Where to stay:

Castle Forest Lodge: Nature surrounds the Castle Forest lodge like a blanket, and the amenities that the lodge provides provide the tourists the feeling of utmost relaxation.

Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club: the club offers luxury with a splendid view of Mount Kenya in all its magnificence. The club also has plans for tourists for safari and other activities in the forest.

Serena Mountain Lodge: The lodge is located right in the lap of Mount Kenya and offers you proximity to nature along with comfort and luxury.