Best Hotels In Diani Beach

Best Hotels In Diani Beach

Diani beach in Kenya is one of the most relaxing places, located in the south of Mombasa. This resort town makes it on the list of every kind of tourist, be it backpackers, honeymooners, or families.  

The soft white sand stretches along 17 kilometers along the Diani beach. It is surrounded by the breathtaking Indian Ocean, has lush greenery, and aquamarine waters sparkling in the sun. You can choose to come here before or after a long day riding the Safari and enjoy the pure relaxation the beach offers to the tourists. 

Diani Beach

Diani beach provides endless leisure and adventurous activities to choose from. You can visit the marine national park near the beach, dive in the ocean, swim with fishes, spot sea turtles, and whale sharks, kitesurf, skydive and experience the best nightlife in the resort. Several ventures suit different age groups in Diani beach which make your vacation worthwhile. 

If you want to experience the true beauty of the beach, you can choose from several tours like a camel ride and bike tours that also give you a glimpse of culture in the nearby local villages.  

Diani beach is perfect for foodies and those who would like to expand their dining experience. Various local cafes serve the most delicious authentic Swahili dishes. A luxurious seafood platter is recommended at international restaurants located at the beach. 

Best Diani Beach

Best Hotels In Diani Beach

The most important aspect to keep in mind while traveling to Diani beach is accommodation. The beach boasts a wide variety of resorts, Air B&B, and hotels. From luxurious travelers to budgets friendly visitors, there are plentiful accommodation options to choose from. 

These are some of the best hotels in Diani beach that you can pick for your next trip: 

1. Swahili Beach Diani Hotel 

One look at Swahili Hotel and you know you are in for a luxurious experience. Located next to the ocean on the northern part of Diani, this majestic five-star hotel is one of the most popular retreats of Diani Beach. 

Swahili Beach Diani Hotel 

One of the most impressive highlights of the hotel is the seven pools that flow from the reception down to the ocean. The hotel is decorated in Swahili architecture and displays Pili Pili carvings on its walls, providing guests with a traditional atmosphere. 

Yet, nothing is old-fashioned about the amenities provided by the hotel. There are large rooms covered with minute Swahili details and antique rugs. The spacious rooms are complete with balconies, giving you the best views of the beach. Along with having seven huge pools, Swahili Beach Diani hotel also offers luxurious spa facilities. 

The hotel has five restaurants, from ocean side-dining to having one of the best Zanzibar seafood restaurants. Their seafood is fresh and is hailed to be one of the most incredible in Diani Beach.  

2. Kinodo Kwetu 

Kinodo Kwetu is a paradise for those wanting a personal and quiet experience of the Kenyan Coast. This hotel has five cottages, three suites, garden rooms, and a private villa.

This family-owned Bohemian-style retreat is welcoming and comfortable in every way possible. The hotel has won several accolades for its work in environmental sustainability as well. 

Kinodo Kwetu 

Kinodo Kwetu’s rooms and cottages are ocean-facing and hold two pools. There are a tennis court and a sauna for those wanting a bit of rejuvenation.  

A wide range of activities is offered by Kinodo Kwetu for their guests. You can try out water sports activities like sailing, water skiing, and water diving. The hotel also specializes in scuba diving and caters to every level, from beginners to advanced. Guests can enjoy a visit to the cultural values and participate in the community work done by Kinodo Kwetu. 

Along with having seafood in their cuisine, they incorporate healthy ingredients in their food, making it delicious and hearty. 

3. The Sands At Nomad Hotel

The Sands at Nomad hotel is set against the indigenous tropical forests and overlooks the incredible Indian oceans. This is a luxury boutique hotel offering nothing but comfort to its travelers. 

There are 30 spacious and lavish rooms and suites complete with seven private cottages offering privacy. All of the accommodations are uniquely designed and carved with traditional intricate Swahili pieces. This is accompanied by a jacuzzi, exclusive terraces, and a private spot for residents on the beach. 

Sands At Nomad Hotel

The hotel has two restaurants, one for guests and the other is open for the general public. You can enjoy contemporary dining options, where the restaurant and bar overlook the pools.  

The hotel also offers spa facilities wherein you can choose from traditional massages to Ayurveda treatments. 

The Sands at Nomads is one of the most laid back and comfortable hotels in Diani Beach.  

4. Southern Palms Hotel Diani 

Southern Palms Hotel Diani makes up for an ideal relaxing vacation in a sophisticated retreat. The hotel is surrounded by an African atmosphere. The hotel is comfortable and lavish with at least 300 rooms and large pools. This one of the largest resorts in Diani Beach. 

Southern Palms Hotel Diani 

The rooms are decorated in Swahili style, have their own balcony, and provides every facility for the guest. The lounge of the hotel is especially enjoyed by guests as it provides the perfect shady spots for relaxation.  

The hotel has five restaurants that serve a variety of international cuisines.   

There are many activities, especially water sports such as diving and windsurfing available in Southern Palms Hotel.  

5. Afro Chic Diani Beach 

The Afro Chic Diani Beach is located at the tip of Diani Beach and provides an isolated spot for guests. This hotel is an exceptional villa-style hotel that has been transformed into beautiful ten suites. These 10 suites are a blend of African influence surrounded by tropical gardens. 

Afro Chic Diani Beach 

The guests can have a relaxing stroll with its beautifully landscaped lounges. The restaurants in Afro Chic Diani Beach offer delish menus including fresh seafood and French, Swahili, Indian and Chinese cuisines. Guests can dine in the luscious gardens, in their private balconies, or under the beach gazebos. 

Adventurous activities like deep-sea fishing, cultural village tours, scuba diving, and several exciting ventures can be undertaken in this hotel. Afro Chic Diani Beach offers a soothing and pampering experience for the guests. 

How To Get To Diani Beach 

  • By Air: There are two airports near Diani Beach, the nearby being the Ukunda Airport.  
  • By Taxi: One can opt for a taxi from the Mombasa City Centre to reach Diani Beach. The ride takes approximately one hour to the destination. 
  • By Bus: Choosing a bus to Diani beach is a cheaper option but you need to change several buses to reach the destination. However, another way is to travel by shuttle bus that runs mostly for tourists which depart daily for the beach.

Diani beach hotels are suitable for everyone and only provide the best of experiences for its guest. Along with the beach, these retreats also remain memorable for tourists.   


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