Nosy Be

Nosy Be


Nosy Be, which means ‘Big Island’, has gained a lot of popularity among tourists for its countless natural attractions. With its vanilla, pepper, and ylang-ylang infused air, calm and peaceful sunsets, and a quaint island life, Nosy be, Madagascar is nothing short of an ideal tourist destination. This volcanic wonder is easy to reach and serves as the prime entrance to a stunning archipelago. Ripe with some of the most serene beaches in Madagascar, which are perfect for both fun and relaxation, Nosy Be is both enchanting and inspiring.


Nosy Be, or the ‘Perfumed Island’, as it’s popularly known, is located on the northwest coast, a mere 8 km off the mainland. The history of this unique island goes back to the 15th century when the first Swahili and Indian settlers arrived. Along with its beautiful beaches, some nearly deserted, Nosy Be also houses some interesting wildlife. One of them is the famous Black Lemur, endemic to Nosy Be. The lobeke Reserve, situated southeast of the island houses an interesting creature named Brookesia Micra, the smallest chameleon in the world.


Location: North Madagascar

Nearest Airport: Fascene Airport

How to reach: Fascene Airport is in Nosy Be island

Famous for: Lemurs, Birds, Short hikes

Best time to visit:April to December


Lobeke Reserve southeast of the island, some extraordinary fauna, such as black lemurs, the pocket-sized, miniature frog and the smallest chameleon in the world

Nosy Be is Madagascar’s top beach destination. Snorkelling, Scuba diving and other beach activities are a big draw.


The variety of tourist spots and the many exciting activities that you can do on the island of Nosy Be make it the ideal getaway destination.


Exploring and diving at Nosy Be


If the wonders of the sea attract you, then this is the perfect activity for you to indulge in. The seashores of Nosy Be are all about the Humpback whales and dolphins that you’ll be able to see irrespective of the weather. The best season to see the mighty whales is September to November as the water in Madagascar during this season remains warm, whereas it becomes cold in many countries due to winter. The coasts are also perfect for Diving as they have no dearth of colorful coral reefs.


Apart from whales, there are numerous other fish species that you can see. You can participate in fish sporting and also get a chance to watch the leisurely turtles on the shore. If you are tired of the daily routine in Madagascar then Nosy Be is the perfect getaway to rejuvenate yourself.


Meet the locals


Any place in the world is best seen through the eyes of the people living there and what better way to know more about the island than through the words of the locals themselves. The location of Nosy Be provides you with sufficient time to meet and mix with the cheerful locals. The local guide will take you through the different villages, act as an interpreter for you as most of the people speak either French or Malagasy and act as your eyes as you see the different hues of life on the island of Nosy Be.


In this tour you’ll learn about the beautiful culture of the locals, their heritage and indulge with them in buying locally made crafts from beads, clothes, hair accessories, and their mouth-watering food, that is sold both at the roadsides and in restaurants.


Visit the Mont Passot


Want to experience the beautiful sunrise and sunsets? The paradise known as Mont Passot may be the perfect option for you. You can discover the area through the 3 famous hiking routes which go through some of the most scenic places on the island. They include the Antsahamanavaka route which takes through the forest beyond the waterfall, the Amparibe route which goes through the plantations of ylang-Ylang and sacred lakes, and finally the Antsidihy route which brings you close to the various endemic species in the area.


Mont Passot is perfect for tourists who love hiking. The dormant volcano makes hiking the perfect exercising drill. Not only that, but the Passot is also surrounded by eight beautiful crater lakes, which make up the ideal spot for fishing. Here, you’ll also get to see the ferocious Nile crocodiles.


Visit the Nosy Islands the island


The two neighboring islands of Nosy Be, Nosy Komba and Nosy Iranja provide tourists the opportunity to indulge in shopping and other activities. Separated by a strip of sand, these two islands are dominated by shops and activities perfect for a pleasant getaway.


Nosy Komba


Staying true to its name Nosy Lomba, which means Lemur Island in Malagasy, this island is populated with black Lemurs. Get a closer look at these active animals as they jump from your shoulders trying to get a hold of anything that you might be holding.


Nosy Iranja


Located in the southern part, Nosy Iranja is popular among bird enthusiasts due to the presence of a wide number of bird species on this island. Rare species like the hawksbill Turtles and plant species like palm trees and coconuts are characteristic of this serene island. It also consists of scenic beaches which are ideal for various activities suitable for both children and adults