Mount Meru Trek


Mount Meru is the third highest peak of Tanzania. It is situated very close to Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in the country. This is one of the reasons for it to be one of the most popular tourist destinations. Mount Meru trek is a paradise for trekkers. It is mostly used as an acclimatization ascent before attempting to climb the Mt. Kilimanjaro. Although the trekkers at intermediate level and even others enjoy the ascent sometimes more than Kilimanjaro. The top of the mountain is 4566m high. Although it is not much when compared to Kilimanjaro, the mountain is not to be taken lightly. On the way, you can pass through the Rhino Point, the Cobra Point, to the summit of Little Meru and spot various kinds of wildlife. This is not an easy climb as it may look like in the beginning. Many experienced mountain trekkers state that Mount Meru climb is a harder ascent than Kilimanjaro. But with us and our expert guides, it will be a fun and thrilling experience for you.

Trip Highlights
  • Route with accommodation in wooden huts
  • Ascent through the Arusha National Park with many animals
  • Have a look at the world-famous Fig Tree Arch.
  • Spot colobus monkeys, warthogs, and much other wildlife
  • Great view in the crater and on Kilimanjaro
  • Use this as acclimatization to the Kilimanjaro climb.

Day 1

Arrival at Kilimanjaro

On arrival at the Kilimanjaro International Airport, you will be meeting one of our representatives who will transfer you to Arusha. Arusha is the gateway to the highest peak of Tanzania, Mt. Kilimanjaro. It is also a popular stop to the Serengeti National Park. This is a center for all the tourists reaching here to climb the mountains. Thus, you will have the chance to meet people from all around the globe. A variety of wildlife can be spotted here. So on your first day, you can familiarise yourself with the place and soak in all the nature’s beauty. You may also take a visit to the National Park for the day. The Meru climb begins the next day. This day will be at leisure.

Meals Provided: Breakfast and Dinner

fig tree arch in the foggy forests of arusha national park, tanzania

Day 2

Momella Gate to Miriakamba hut

The Meru climb begins today. In the morning you will be transferred from your lodges or hotels to the Momella Gate. This is where the real task begins. We start the trek early to reach at the desired points on time. On the trek, you will pass through open grasslands. This is where you have the opportunity to spot the warthogs and the buffaloes. Then the steady climb continues further to the Fig Tree Arch. This is where we will have lunch and take some rest. The trek continues through some less dense forests after lunch. Here you will have the chance to spot many kinds of birds and monkeys. The colobus monkeys are the ones to be watched. By mid-afternoon, you may start to have a glimpse of the Ash Cone. And just before the sun sets we reach the Miriakamba hut and have the opportunity to look at the beautiful setting sun. Thus your second day ends with a 1000m ascent of the Mount Meru trek.

Meals Provided: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

colobus monkey resting on a tree branch of arusha national park, tanzania

Day 3

Elephant ridge and the Saddle hut

The third day starts with a rather steep climb. The ascent from the Miriakamba Hut to the saddle is not very long. But the steepness does make it a bit tiring. We will trek through the alluring and lush montane forest. After crossing the forest you will reach Elephant Ridge. As the name suggests, this is a place where you can spot elephants and many other animals. This is where we take a break and enjoy the dazzling views of the ridge. Then we will continue with the casual climb to the Saddle Hut where we stay overnight. Just a few hundred meters more and you find yourself at the summit of Little Meru. This is one of the most important points on the Mount Meru trek.

Meals Provided: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Day 4

To the summit

After climbing 1000m on each of the previous couple of days, we’ll make sure that we continue at the same pace from early in the morning to make sure that we reach the summit on time. We will pass through the Rhino point to the Cobra point before sunrise. This will allow us to have a beautiful view of the ridges, the morning clouds and all the other pleasing scenes at sunrise. After this, we will continue the Meru climb to the summit. After about an hour of a steep climb, we reach the summit point of Mount Meru. If you are lucky and the day is clear, the views from the summit will be bewitching and something you won’t forget for a lifetime. After this, we will start to descend to the saddle huts where we have our afternoon brunch. Then we will continue the descent to the Miriakamba hut and spend the night there.

Meals Provided: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

group of giraffe at the base of mount meru in arusha region, tanzania

Day 5

Back to Arusha

We continue the descent from the Miriakamba hut and reach to the Momella Gate. We have the opportunity of spotting the wildlife on the way back as well. The lunch may be fixed at the Momella Gate or somewhere close as per the circumstances. After reaching the Momella Gate, we transfer you back to the lodge or the hotel you will stay overnight.

Meals Provided: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

group of hikers camp climbing mount meru, tanzania

Day 6


After breakfast, you will be transferred to the Kilimanjaro International Airport for your flight back home or to the next destination, whichever you have selected. Your tour ends here with pleasant memories of the trek to Mount Meru.

mount meru ash cone above clouds, arusha, tanzania