South Tanzania Wildlife


Tanzania is home to various wild cats, other mammals and birds. It has a mind-blowing natural life, and probably the best beaches. While you enjoy everything, you will be around the Volcanic mountain of Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro. All these places are full of activities and extremely beautiful. Visit Tanzania and reawaken the nature lover in you.


Tanzania is a country particularly famous for its wilderness and is an exemplary Safari destination. The broad fields of Tanzania are tranquil. Here, you can break free from the muck and muddle of the city. However, one surely can do many other fun things other than Safari too. The Tanzania tour can start with fly camping in Selous Game Reserve, a UNESCO site. Next, you can go to Ruaha National Park and enjoy the predators game. It is an escape from the honking cars of city life. The tour can end with relaxation and luxury in the Ras Kutani Beach retreat.

Trip Highlights
  • Watch the wild while in the wild.
  • Go on safari, from boat safaris to walking safaris.
  • Stay in camps.
  • Look for the big game.
  • Relish watching endangered animals like wild dogs.
  • Take a boat cruise in Selous National Park.
  • Fly to enjoy Ruaha National Park Safari.
  • Take the game drive.
  • Witness around 500 species of birds.
  • Enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, etc in Ras Kutani Beach

Day 1

Arrive in Tanzania

On arriving in Tanzania, you will land at Dar-es-Salam International Airport. Dar-es-Salam is Tanzania’s major city located on the coast of the Indian Ocean. This city was earlier the capital of Tanzania. Go to your hotel from the airport. Traveling can be hectic, and since you have an adventure ahead, it is better to get some rest and sleep. As a result, you will be fresh and healthy during the tour.

Day 2

Go to Selous Game Reserve

Grab breakfast, check out from the hotel, and leave for the Dar-es-Salam International Airport. Catch a flight to Selous to get going on your way to Selous Game Reserve. From the airport of Selous, you will go to the camp. So you can settle in and eat something if you are hungry. Next, you go looking for the big game for which the Selous National Park is popular. If you want, you can choose to walk a while outside instead of driving. The outing ends by the evening.

white sand beach near ras kutani camp in dar es salaam, tanzania

Day 3

Selous Safari

Start your day with a walk in the wilds during the early morning. Feel the thrill of wilds while you learn about the Selous National Park. Come back to the camp and get breakfast. Take the Selous Safari for exploring the locations nearby. You will find endangered wild dogs when on the safari along with the other animals, like leopards, giraffe, impala, etc. You will be back by evening so you will have plenty of time to relax before dinner.

Day 4

Boat Cruise

Eat breakfast and leave for the Safari. You will spend your day on the boat. Do not miss out on this boat Safari while in Selous. It follows the route of the Rufiji River. It is eye-pleasing to see the hippos and the crocodiles on the back. However, you may also find Big Game coming to drink water in the river, which is the best part of this safari. When Safari is over, you will go back to the camp. Eat your dinner and pack your belongings as you will leave the camp in the morning.

view of white sand beach from well lit cottage of ras kutani beach camp in dar es salaam, tanzania

Day 5

Explore Ruaha National Park

You will ride back to Selous’s airport after breakfast. From there, you will take a flight to Ruaha. From the airport of Ruaha, your booked guide will pick you up. You will enjoy a short safari while on your way to the camp in Ruaha National Park. Post lunch, you will leave for a drive to explore the wilderness of the park. You will be back before the daylight fades. Eat your dinner and relax.

Day 6

Take the Game Drive

Ruaha National Park has one of the highest numbers of mammals. The Game Drive is unique in this national park, to which you will go after breakfast. Elephants, buffalos, giraffes, and lions are some of the common animals here. Serving dinner takes place in the camp only. For the following day, you will go for bird watching.

aerial view of animals on green pastures of selous game reserve, tanzania

Day 7

Go Bird Watching

Ruaha National Park is as popular for birds as it is for animals. Eat your breakfast early and leave for watching birds. The park is home to more than 500 species of them, the special being the Red-billed Hornbill as it can only be spotted here. You will be back at the camp by lunch so you can rest.

Day 8

Leave for Ras Kutani

After you eat your breakfast, the guide will take you back to Ruaha airport. From there, you will again fly to Dar-es-Salam. On reaching there, go to the retreat of Ras Kutani Beach. You are going to spend the last two days of your tour here only. You can take coastal walks, get spas and relax in the beautiful scenery of Ras Kutani Beach.

group of hippos in the water in selous game reserve, tanzania

Day 9

Try a Fun Activity

The Ras Kutani Beach has such an amazingly beautiful location that you will not ask for more. It is located next to a water lagoon and at the shoreline of a tropical forest. Its beauty gets elevated due to the white sand. There are multiple things you can do here, like taking a walk in the forest, kayaking, snorkeling, and horse riding.

Day 10

Relax in Nature

Your last day of the tour should be relaxing. The Ras Kutani retreat has special facilities of spa and massages that you may enjoy. You can also sit by, admire the scenery, and eat all your meals in this serenity. Go back to your room and pack your belongings well before you sleep.

elephant grazing while tourist enjoys boating safari in south selous game reserve, tanzania

Day 11

Leaving Dar-es-Salam

Leave for the Dar-es-Salam International Airport after breakfast. Catch your flight home or to wherever your next destination is. With you having a bucket full of memories to cherish for life, the adventure of Tanzania now ends.

Places You Will Visit