Lemosho route Kilimanjaro Trek


Kilimanjaro, known as the “Roof of Africa,” is the highest mountain in the continent and a dream climbing destination of hikers of all classes. The trek up the mountain can be challenging but utterly satisfying with breathtaking views of volcanic cone Kibo, Mt. Meru, and glaciers. However, despite the seeming difficulty, Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in the world that one can walk up to. Trekkers do not need any rope or special equipment to reach the summit, and with the right route climbing mount Kilimanjaro for beginners is easy.


One of the easiest hike routes to the mountain is the Lemosho Route. Starting from the Londorossi Gate, this route is suitable for both experienced and rookie trekkers. One of the biggest reasons for the ease of the climb is the remoteness of this route. Many choose the other popular trails, leaving the Lemosho route less crowded. Moreover, it gives one more opportunity to acclimatize, thereby making the whole expedition comfortable. Coupled with its beauty, the Lemosho route ensures that being a beginner does not cost Kilimanjaro climbing experience.

Trip Highlights
  • Explore the coffee town of Tanzania, Moshi, at your leisure
  • Experience the thrill of trekking as you make your way to the Uhuru Peak
  • Breathtaking views of Mt. Meru and Kobi
  • Explore the Shira Plateau as you acclimatize to your surroundings
  • Witness sunrise from the crater rim
  • Drink in the sights of glaciers and ice caps
  • Challenge yourself as you ascend via the Lemosho route and descend via the Mweka route
  • Rejoice the summit success as you reach the Uhuru peak

Day 1

Arriving at Kilimanjaro

The first day of your Kilimanjaro hike expedition starts with your arrival at the Kilimanjaro International Airport. Since we will be taking the scenic and longer Lemosho route for our hike, our representatives will take you to a hotel in Moshi for an overnight stay. Londorossi Gate, the starting point of the Lemosho route is closer to Moshi, at a 3-4-hour drive, than it is to Arusha. Today is a free day for you to explore the town or relax in your room.

Day 2

Hotel --> Londorossi Gate --> Big Tree Camp

Day 2 marks the first day of climbing mount Kilimanjaro as we drive down to the Londorossi Gate, the starting point on the Lemosho route. After registration, we head to the Lemosho road head to begin our hike. Since the last part of the road is of poor quality, we may need to hike from a kilometer or two before the road ends.


Post lunch, we will walk around 3 hours through the lush forest to reach the destination for the day and the first camp in our expedition--the Big Tree or Mti Mkubwa camp. Overnight stay at the camp.

stunning views of the ash cone of mount meru from shira plateau of mount kilimanjaro, tanzania

Day 3

Shira One Camp- the second checkpoint

Following breakfast, we leave the thick rainforest of the Big Tree camp. We proceed to pass through the heathland and witness the landscape become increasingly barren as we’ll walk further. We will soon be on the trail to the mountain ridge that leads to the Shira Plateau. On the plateau, you get the stunning views of Mount Meru and volcanic cone Kibo. We, then, slightly descend the ridge to reach the center of the plateau and the Shira One Camp, our destination for the day.

Day 4

Shiro Hut Camp- the third checkpoint

Today is the best day to acclimatize to the surroundings as we proceed further in our expedition of climbing mount Kilimanjaro for beginners and veterans. We spend the day exploring the Shira Plateau, walking to the summit of Shira Cathedral. Later, we will reach the Shiro Hut Camp, where we will stay for the night. Be ready for some stunning and unforgettable views of Mt. Meru, Kibo's dome, and the jagged rim of the plateau.

views of mount kilimanjaro while climbing via the lemosho route, tanzania

Day 5

Barranco Camp- the fourth checkpoint

Day 5 is yet another great opportunity to acclimatize as we leave the moorlands of the Shira Plateau, towards the Lava Tower, walking on lava ridges beneath the Western Breach glaciers. We descend from the tower junction down to the Barranco Valley at the foot of the Kibo peak. Get your cameras ready to capture the breathtaking glaciers and snowcaps of Kibo and reddish Barranco Wall. Overnight stay at Barranco Camp.

Day 6

Karanga Camp- the fifth checkpoint

Today, we will leave the Barranco camp towards the next checkpoint in our Kilimanjaro hike. There is a steep climb up the Barranco Wall, where you may need to use your hands. The climb leads us to the south-eastern flank of Kibo, where you can take a deep breath and enjoy the view. A short distance from here is the Karanga camp, our stop for the night. The streams and river we pass on the way to the camp will be the last water point on the way to the top.

glacier view of mount kilimanjaro taken from the karanga camp on machame route, tanzania

Day 7

Barafu campsite- sixth checkpoint

Today we will follow an easy and relaxed path involving a gentle climb and picturesque views of Karanga valley and Rebmann Glacier. After the last valley, the trail takes you to your destination for the day-- Barafu campsite. Here you will turn in early at night to rest before the ascent to the summit at midnight.

Day 8

Reaching and descending from the Summit

At midnight, after light refreshments, we will start our ascent. The climb is steep and challenging, but with will power and steady pace reaching the summit is easy. By sunrise, we will reach the Stella point of the crater rim of Kibo. Drink in the spectacular view as you rest here for a little while before climbing further up to the Uhuru peak. As you make your way to the peak you will see glaciers and ice peaks at the summit area. After rejoicing the summit moment, we will make a quick descent to Barafu camp for rest and refreshments.

three giraffe on mount kilimanjaro background in national park of kenya, africa

Day 9

Down the summit to the hotel

We make our way further down from the Barafu to Mweka's National Park gate through the rainforest. At the gate, we bid adieu to the mountain team. Our representative will now take you to your hotel in Moshi, where a comfortable bed and a hot bath will be waiting for you. After successfully climbing one of the best Kilimanjaro hike routes, spend the rest of the evening at your leisure.

Day 10

Flying back home

Today, after breakfast our representatives will transfer you to the Kilimanjaro International Airport for your flight back home or to the next destination, marking the end of your trip. Have a safe trip with heaps of stunning pictures and pleasant memories of your trek to the Roof of Africa.

zebra on background mount kilimanjaro in the national reserve nearby, tanzania