Tiger Trails


India is not only rich in culture, but an immense and diverse wildlife is also present here. The forests, with their uniques and endemic flora and fauna, decorate the country with their beauty and splendor. These age-old forests have always been an attraction for the tourists who come to see the ferocious animals such as tigers and lions in their habitat. The country having tigers and lions, Indian tourism is famous for Ranthambore safari, Bandhavgarh safari, Gir safari, and many more through which people can glance at the rich wildlife of India. Such gifts of nature are located in the central state of Madhya Pradesh. With the highest number of national parks in the country (9), the state is blessed with thick forests and animals such as tigers, deer, jackals, hyenas, etc. This Tiger safari, India will take you deep into the abode of tigers in Bandhavgarh and Kanha National parks and acquaint you with the true King of the Jungle, tigers.

The Bandhavgarh safari will fascinate you with the diversity of animals that one can spot in the lush forests and the weather is soothing most of the year. If one wishes to watch the terrific Indian Tiger, then one would choose a place other than the heart of India. Visit the Kanha National park, the inspiration of the famous ‘The Jungle Book’ by Kipling, and be enraptured by the variety of birds and wildlife around you.

Trip Highlights
  • Explore the untouched wilderness of central India
  • Spot Indian tiger in its abode
  • Delight yourself in bird watching
  • Go on safaris deep into the jungle and watch the varied wildlife
  • Revisit the history at Bandhavgarh Fort

Day 1

Arrival In Delhi

Arrive at the capital of the country and settle into the unique atmosphere of India, with its non-stop hustle and bustle. You can explore Delhi and its Mughal and modern grandeur if you wish to. The capital is a cultural and historical feast for the tourists, with colorful and robust bazaars, the austere and grandeur of centuries-old monuments and buildings which lie side-by-side with the modern civilization. The place is the best preamble to India, an amalgamation of history and the contemporary world.

Day 2

Reach Bandhavgarh National Park

From Delhi, you will travel to Jabalpur which lies in the eastern part of Madhya Pradesh. Once reaching Jabalpur, we will head to Bandhavgarh National Park. It will require you a considerable time to reach the Bandhavgarh National Park. The Bandhavgarh safari will entice your senses and will enrapture your heart. As you watch the deer, leopards, tigers, and other wildlife that roam the forest of Bandhavgarh and watch the immense diversity of birds soar in the sky, you will be humbled by the grandeur of Mother nature.

Day 3

Spend the day exploring Bandhavgarh

This day, you will truly experience the wonder of Bandhavgarh safari as you are guided to the tiger trails to spot the ferocious cats in their natural habitat. Watch the animals spend their day unperturbed by the influence of humans.

Explore the history of the place by visiting the Bandhavgarh Fort, considered to be the oldest fort in India and construction of Lord Rama who gifted this fort to his beloved brother, Lakshaman. Down the Fort, you can explore the man-made caves with carvings and rock paintings. An exhilarating experience for the history lovers!

Day 4

Reach your next stop

The famous Kanha National Park is where lies the origin of children's beloved Mowgli and the insidious SherKhan. Well, the India tigers that you find here are equally ferocious and a wonder to watch. Along with them, you can spot the unique Barahsingha, Gaurs, and other endemic animals that are conserved in the Kanha National Park.

Day 5

Kanha National Park

The next day, that is the penultimate day of the tour, is dedicated to the exploration of the Kanha National Park through tiger safari, India after breakfast, and then after lunch amidst nature. Recognize the variety of birds that flock in the area, explore the animals in their homes, and connect to nature in its untamed form.

You will rest the night at the forest resort.

Day 6

Explore deeper in the Kanha National Park

With priceless memories and pictures of breathtaking views of Bandhavgarh and Kanha National park, you will depart for your next destination or fly back home from the Airport.