Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro tour

Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro


We're riddled and bogged down by so many problems in day-to-day life that we forget to stop and smell the flowers. This Ngorongoro safari, Serengeti, and Manyara tour will be the perfect fit for you. Apart from being in a beautiful place, surrounded by Nature's elements, you'll also get a chance to see one of the most beautiful natural phenomena that could bring tears to your eyes- The Great Migration, which witnesses a huge herd of wildebeests and zebras migrating from Serengeti to Masai Reserve; it's the last major terrestrial migration of its kind. Watching these animals operating in an almost mechanical manner, infused with order and discipline, following the leaders of the herd- it'll seem like magic coming alive. Nowhere else would you get this kind of holistic experience.

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area inhabits the spectacular and infamous Ngorongoro Crater. This area is crucial in maintaining biodiversity-something you'll observe during your Ngorongoro crater safari. Apart from that, you’ll be visiting Serengeti and Manyara- two wonderful tourist attractions. The Arusha National Park houses Mount Meru- the magnificent volcano. The Lake Manyara National Park is inhabited by the quirky tree-climbing lions. This eight-day tour will have a memory of a lifetime. Relax, and enjoy the journey!

Trip Highlights

  • Witness all the big cats of the African savannahs in Serengeti. Get the chance to see lions, leopards, and cheetahs roaming around.
  • You'll get a chance to witness the Great Migration during migration season!
  • Ever heard of tree climbing lions? Catch a glimpse or two of these tree-climbing lions in Serengeti itself.
  • The Ngorongoro crater safari will be the experience of a lifetime. Explore the African wilderness and their prized biodiversity.
  • The unique ecological balance opens its arms to many animals- like zebras, hippos, giraffes, rhinos, and the African elephant. You will possibly see these animals.
  • You’ll possibly see Cheetahs in Serengeti and Lions and Leopards in Ngorongoro; the Big Cats are the prime attraction.


Day 1

Arrival at Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Once you've arrived at Kilimanjaro, you'll be transported to Arusha. Arusha lies at the heart of a spirited African adventure. Located at the base of the volcanic Mount Meru, Arusha is an interesting place to explore by itself. Check in to your accommodation for the night, and relax.

Day 2

Arusha to Lake Manyara to Ngorongoro

After a scrumptious breakfast at sharp 6 am, you'll be driven down to the beautiful Lake Manyara. Lake Manyara is well known for its breathtaking views and photogenic wildlife. You'll spot tree-climbing lions, flamingos, zebras, wildebeests, giraffes, impala, etc. You might even witness a herd of baboons, as you traverse the park. You'll have your lunch inside the park itself, after which you'll reach Ngorongoro Conservation Area through Karatu. Check in to your resort for the night. All three meals will be provided.

flamingos and buffalo near lake manyara, tanzania

Day 3

Visiting the Ngorongoro crater

You'll take your breakfast and lunch along in your trip to the Gora Gora crater. You'll start moving before sunrise and reach the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Exploring the Gora Gora crater and its diverse settings will take one complete day of the tour. If you ever wanted to see the Big Five, this is the right place to be. Not only will you witness the crux of African wildlife, but you'll also have lots of fun at the Ngorongoro crater safari. You'll reach the hotel before it's dark, and relax.

a leopard enjoying the wild view from a tree in serengeti national park, tanzania

Day 4

Visiting Serengeti (Seronara region)

After a hearty breakfast, get ready to visit the "Big-Cat capital" of Africa, otherwise known to you as Seronara. Seronera is filled with the quintessential African wildlife, with leopards, cheetahs, and lions sprawling in the wild grounds. You might even pass the Ndutu region on your way to Central Serengeti or Seronera. If the situations are favorable, you might go for game drives and get delayed while coming back. After a nice lunch, you'll be taken on another drive for fun. Relax in the evening and spend the night at the allocated resort.

pride of lions napping on a tree in serengeti national park, tanzania

Day 5

Another day at Serengeti (Seronara Region)

You'll get a chance to explore the exotic Seronera, after an early breakfast. Seronera forms a very essential part of Serengeti and it's a popular tourist attraction site because of the tree-climbing lions. After lunch, we'll relax and go for a game drive later. Make good use of your time in Seronera, as it's surely one-of-a-kind. Explore as much as you can and interact with Nature on your coordinated game drives.

a bloat of hippos resting on a water body near ngorongoro crater, tanzania

Day 6

Visiting North Serengeti

North Serengeti has so much to offer. It's abundant wildlife, stunning landscapes, and the Great Migration. The Great Serengeti Migration is unlike anything you've ever seen before; the scene alone will captivate you and you'll be mesmerized by what's happening in front of your eyes. You'll check in to your camp in North Serengeti, and go for a game drive post-lunch. Relax after your return in the evening.

trees in serengeti savannah plains in tanzania

Day 7

Another day at North Serengeti

Enjoy a day's worth of game drives at the adventurous North Serengeti, while taking in the view. You'll have packed breakfast and lunch to sustain you for the day, and a delicious dinner will await you post your return in the evening. Spend the night at the camp, under a sky full of stars.

Day 8

North Serengeti to Kilimanjaro

After having a good night's sleep, you'll be transported to the Kogatende airstrip, post-breakfast, for your return flight. It'll be a bittersweet moment as you bid adieu to Tanzania.

We're sure that you'll have a gala time, exploring the wilderness and taking those memories home with you, along with a bunch of beautiful photographs.