Indonesian Borneo Orangutan Expedition


The Orangutans are one of the closest primates to humans in terms of their DNA structure. The DNA of these primates match up to 97% to that of humans. Although these primates can only be found on two islands of Indonesia namely the Sumatra and Borneo. Capturing the daily lives of such primates in their natural habitat is a photographer’s dream and this orangutan river cruise helps you realize that dream.

While Orangutans remain the main photography subject, you will find other subjects such as Proboscis monkeys, Kingfishers and Crocodiles during this trip. We suggest carrying a long lens (atleast a 400mm focal) for the wildlife and birds, and do carry a tripod as much of this shooting will happen from boat. Also carry medium telephotos like a 70-200mm lens for shooting the Orangutans and a wide angle lens to shoot the incredible habitats.

Trip Highlights
  • Meet hundreds of orangutans at the Camp Leakey
  • Explore Kumai
  • Visit the Rehabilitation camp Pondok Tanggui
  • Wild and rescued Orangutans
  • Spot the Proboscis monkeys and other wildlife of the Tanjung National park
  • Experience the Wildlife Diversity of the region
  • Spot the Kingfishers from your boat
  • Look at wild predators such as the Crocodiles

Day 1

Arrival - Kumai

On your arrival at the airport, you will be met by one of our representatives and will be driven to Kumai. This is where you change your rides and hop on to a boat and float on the klotok across the Kumai and towards the Sekonyer River which is the main river in the Tanjung National Park. Beautiful scenes can be captured while you are on the orangutan cruise. The lunch will also be served on the boat.


You can have your lunch while looking at the banks filled with wildlife such as the Proboscis monkeys, insects, and various birds. You will be free to take all the pictures you want of the natural surroundings throughout the day. In the evening time, a delicious dinner will be served on the klotok. After dinner, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the boat for a while. Later, the crew will prepare for your sleeping arrangements on the upper deck of the boat. Thus you can gaze at the beautiful sky while falling asleep on a dazzling night.

proboscis monkeys in indonesia

Day 2

Camp Leakey

On the second morning, you will wake up and have your morning breakfast on the klotok. You will stay on board and continue the Orangutan cruise on the Sekonyer River towards Camp Leakey. Camp Leakey is a research and rehabilitation center where rescued orangutans are kept. You will have a great opportunity to capture these primates at the camp. Almost 300 orphaned orangutans rescued at the camp have been released in the wild. You will also have the opportunity to hike, explore, and capture the rainforest while searching for the orangutans and other different wildlife surrounding the camp.


Your tour guide will also help you get the right pictures you are looking for. After finishing this up, you will head back to the boat for lunch. After finishing up the lunch, you can return to the rescued orangutans and watch them at their feeding time around 2 PM. This will be another great opportunity for orangutan photography and to capture the beautiful moments for your lifetime.

orangutan playing at camp leakey in tanjung puting national park, indonesia

Day 3

Pondok Tanggui

On the third morning, you will cruise down the river towards another orangutan rehabilitation camp at Pondok Tanggui. We will make sure that you do not miss the morning feeding time for the rehabilitated primates. Later, you will halt at the river at Pesalat Camp. This is where you will have the chance to see the forest rehabilitation project. This will be a great opportunity to learn about the reforestation project and the wonderful work done there to keep wildlife safe.


In the afternoon time, you will continue the orangutan cruise and visit the Tanjung Harapan rehabilitation center where you will witness the afternoon feeding time. These times are great chances to get as many pictures as possible for your orangutan photography collection. In the late afternoon, you will continue to visit a small village near the National Reserve to look at the life of the locals around there. During the night, you can take a small hike with your guide around the Pesalat Forest and observe the wildlife. Also look-out for the rare blowing mushrooms depending upon the weather. You can also opt for a relaxing cruise down the river to look at the beautiful groups of fireflies while having your dinner.

orangutan resting at feeding station in pondok tanggui, tanjung puting national park, indonesia

Day 4

Back to Camp Leakey

On the fourth day, you will have your morning breakfast and then cruise up the river back towards the Camp Leakey. You will have an excellent opportunity to meet the orangutans and other wildlife that live in the forest on this day. You will also have the whole day to capture as many photos as possible of the beautiful wildlife of the forest around here.

orangutan eating banana in tanjung puting national park, indonesia

Day 5

Free day

On the last day of the orangutan cruise, you will be allowed to choose whatever you want to do. This will be an excellent chance to get all your desires out on the tour and enjoy any activity you like. Otherwise, you can just enjoy the huge forest and its surroundings. After this, you will be transferred back to the airport from where you can catch your flight to the next destination or your home.