Raja Ampat & Sulawesi Diving


This scuba diving Indonesia trip takes guests right into the heart of the Coral Triangle, with some of the most beautiful dive sites and varied marine life. Starting with a week-long stay at the Gangga Island Resort, there will be plenty of opportunities to explore the varied dive sites here that include Gangga and Banka Islands, Bunaken National Marine Park, and Lembeh Strait.


Diving around Gangga and Banka Islands is a colorful affair with its fringing reef that is lively, rocky and sandy areas, and the fabulous critters found here. Bunaken National Marine Park, on the other hand, is home to triggerfish, butterflyfish, and bannerfish schools with stunning walls that plunge into the depths and a large turtle population. Being the world’s best-known muck diving destination, Lembeh Strait offers the chance to spot and photograph some of the rarest creatures, found in very few places across the globe.


After the colorful and wonderful week at Gangga Island Resort, next in line is yet another spectacular diving destination—Raja Ampat’s Papua Paradise Resort. Raja Ampat considered the best place for reef diving, is home to healthy reefs populated with schooling fish, critters, turtles, and reef sharks. Small and isolated islands with overgrown jungle and a varied bird population dot the surface of Raja Ampat.


From finding the endemic wobbegong sharks and visiting the manta cleaning stations in Raja Ampat to heading to the volcano lakes and hiking up a volcano for the marvelous views of islands in Sulawesi, the trip is one of adventure and exploration of natural beauty.

Trip Highlights
  • Meeting the fabulous critters at the diving site around Gangga and Banka Islands
  • Diving into the depths of the stunning walls of Bunaken National Marine Park
  • Exploring the schools of triggerfish, butterflyfish, and bannerfish and the large population of turtles at Bunaken National Marine Park
  • Muck diving at Lembeh to meet some of the rarest creatures in the world
  • Exploring the reef population of Raja Ampat via reef diving
  • Spotting and photographing the varied bird population of the uninhabited islands of Raja Ampat
  • Visiting the manta cleaning stations and finding the endemic wobbegong sharks at Raja Ampat
  • Visiting the color-changing volcano lakes at Sulawesi
  • Hiking up a volcano at Sulawesi to enjoy the majestic views of the islands and North Sulawesi

Day 1

Arriving at Manado and Gangga Island Resort

Day 1 of the exciting scuba diving Indonesia trip starts with guests arriving at the Manado airport. After meeting the local representatives through a name board, head to Gangga Island Resort via road and boat. Upon arriving at the resort, located off the Sulawesi north coast, check in and spend the rest of the day at leisure.

Overnight and the next few days will be spent here.


papua paradise eco resort in raja ampat, indonesia

Days 2 - 6

Scuba Diving at Gangga Island

The next five days will be spent participating in various activities at the resort, the details of which will be shared locally upon arrival. Included in your stay are several diving expeditions with weights, tanks, and guides, giving you a head start on the scuba diving Indonesia trip. The island is home to more than 30 world-class dive sites that include Bunaken National Marine Park, the Bangka Archipelago, and the Lembeh Strait, each with rich and varied marine life. Aside from scuba diving, there will be a lot of time to relax at the resort with its pool, spa, restaurant, and bar.

The white, sandy beaches that surround the island are yet another place to relax between diving expeditions.

beach in bangka island, indonesia

Day 7

Returning to Mainland

On day 7, it is time to head back to the mainland to start the next part of the scuba diving Indonesia trip. After checking out of the island resort, join a boat ride to the mainland. Upon arrival, half a day will be spent on a planned tour. Covered in the tour are visits to the sulfurous and multi-colored lake Linow, the food and flower market in Tomohon, and the Pulutan pottery village. Afterward, return to Manado and check into a hotel for lunch and an overnight stay.

The rest of the evening will be free for the guests and can be spent at leisure.

gangga island resort in serai, indonesia

Day 8

Heading to Sorong

Today morning, guests will head to Manado airport to catch their flight to Sorong, where they will engage in some more diving as part of their scuba diving Indonesia trip. Upon arrival, local representatives will transfer them to the PapuaParadise Eco Resort by road and boat for their stay for the next few days.

The rest of the day, after check-in, can be spent at leisure.

raja ampat islands in indonesia

Days 9 - 13

Scuba Diving at Sorong

The next few days will unveil the true essence of a scuba diving Indonesia trip with thirteen dives planned with guides, tanks, and weights. The details of this will be discussed once guests reach there. However, the next few days will also include activities aside from diving. Guests will have the opportunity to go on a day-long trip to Fam Islands, which is home to great walking trails up to the viewpoints and dive spots.

Relaxing back at the resort, going snorkeling on the house reef, or using complimentary kayaks is also an option.

underwater beauty of bunaken marine national park, indonesia

Day 14

Heading Back to Manado

Day 14 marks the day when guests will check out the Eco Resort in Sorong and head back to Manado, catching a domestic flight from Sorong airport. On arrival, a local representative will help check in to the hotel in Manado for an overnight stay.

The rest of the evening is free and can be spent at leisure.

Day 15


Day 15 is the last of the scuba diving Indonesia trip, and guests will be transferred to the airport for the flight back home after checking out from a hotel in Manado.