Siberian Tiger Tracking


Through the snow to track the big cats

Spend ten days wading through renowned wildlife reserves of Russia, Durminskoye, Sikhote Alyn, Lazovsky, and Zov Tigra National Park to spot the elusive Siberian or Amur tiger. These reserves, which are the habitats for the cats, are the best place for Siberian tiger tracking. During the 7 days in the Durminskoye Reserve, guests will go on day and night expedition accompanied by naturalist, zoologist, and rangers to spot the big cat.


However, the Siberia wildlife tour is not limited to spotting the tigers alone. Housed in the lush and snowy terrain of the reserve are predators like Asiatic black and brown bears, Siberian weasels. wolves, raccoon dogs, and red foxes. Aside from the predators, there are several bird species and prey that include a few species of deers like musk deer and Siberian deer.


Yet another predator cat in the reserve is the Siberian leopard, which is as elusive as the tiger. As such, they also remain the highlight of the Siberia wildlife tour, for guests need to be very lucky to spot one of these. Apart from the tracking, accompanying anti-poaching patrols to contribute towards the ongoing conservation work of the big cats in the reserve is also included.

Trip Highlights
  • Siberian tiger tracking within the Durminskoye Reserve
  • Spotting the elusive Siberian leopard
  • Accompanying the anti-poaching patrol
  • Potential sighting of raccoon dogs, lynx, wolves, and sea eagles
  • Exploring the foothills of Sikhote-Alyn mountains
  • Experiencing wildlife tracking using various methods
  • Setting up hides and camera traps to capture the Siberian wildlife
  • Spot the different bird and deer species in the reserve

Day 1

Arrival at Durminskoye Reserve

After arrival at the airport of Khabarovsk, a local driver and the guide will escort and transfer the guests to the accommodation inside the reserve using a private vehicle.

siberian tiger strolling through the snow in the forests of taiga

Days 2 - 8

Tiger Tracking at Durminskoye Reserve

For the next seven days, guests will indulge in Siberian tiger tracking within the protected area of the Taiga forest, located to the west of the Sikhote-Alyn mountain range in Khabarovsk Krias. The forest mountainsides and coastal ecosystems boast one of the most diverse wildlife in Russia. Most of the country's top predators along with the Asiatic black bear and a rare subspecies brown bear, lynx, wolves, and prey animals like numerous smaller mammal species, sika deer, red deer, Siberian roe deer, musk deer, and goral are some of the common sights during a Siberia wildlife tour.


However, the forest's list of predators is not limited to the big cats and bears. There are smaller ones that include Eurasian badgers, sables, red foxes, Eurasian otters, Amur leopard cats, Siberian weasels, and raccoon dogs.


To make spotting other wildlife and bird species inhabiting the forest easier, a big cat specialist zoologist along with an English-speaking naturalist guide and the preserve's rangers will accompany in this Siberia wildlife tour. Their presence will make all the difference for their trained eyes can spot the species in an otherwise snow-covered forest that seems barren at first glance. They will read the telltale signs of animal activity like tracks, scraps, and scats to spot the species in this forest.


During the exploration of the Taiga forest, we will set camera traps and hides to better spot the predators and other animals, as the wildlife here is timid around people due to decades of persecution. Therefore, waiting around to see the records and images later will be necessary during this time.


The aim for the seven-day exploration of the Taiga forest and the foothills of Sikhote-Alyn mountains is successful Siberian tiger tracking. As per 2013 reports, there are around 5 adult females and a resident male tiger with cubs with each female here. The male is the most common sight as he patrols the territory. The tracking will mainly be done on foot and skiing with sufficient snow levels.

clouds over scenic views of sikhote alin mountains in russia

Day 9

Rest Day

Today morning gives one a chance to spot wildlife of the reserve. Later, it is time to head back to the hotel at Khabarovsk. The rest of the day is free for guests to spend as they wish, to either relax at the hotel or some quick souvenir shopping.

Overnight stay at Khabarovsk.

sunlight creeps into the snow covered taiga forest in the subarctic region

Day 10

Heading Back Home

Today morning after breakfast and check out, guests will be transferred to the airport to catch the flight back home.